Ethernet Packet

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Section 1

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PreambleAn alternating pattern of 1s and 0s used for synchronization.
Start frame delimiterA binary 8-bit sequence of 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 that indicates the start of the frame.
Destination MAC address and sourceEach computer has an Ethernet network interface card (NIC) or network adapter that has a unique media access control.
MAC addressMAC address associated with it. The MAC address is 6 bytes (12 hex characters) in length.
Length/typeAn indication of the number of bytes in the data field if this value is less than 1500. If this number is greater than 1500, it indicates the type of data format - i.e. IP or IPX.
DataThe variable length of data being transferred from the source to the destination.
PadA field used to bring the total number of bytes up to the minimum of 46 if the data field is less than 46 bytes.
Frame check sequenceA 4-byte CRC value used for error detection. The CRC is performed on the bits from the destination MAC address through the Pad fields. If an error is detected, the frame is discarded.

Section 2

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Start frame delimiter2
Destination MAC address and source3
MAC address4
Frame check sequence8