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(config)# int port-channel #Create a port channel, the logical grouping of the interfaces
channel-grouplocally significant label for grouping of ports for EC, must match port channel #
channel-group # mode onenable EC only, manual config no LACP/PAgP proto packets
(config-if)# channel-group # mode <>enable LACP / PAgP active/passive desirable/auto. Also assigns port to a logical port-channel.
show int port-channel #See interface status of channel group
switch#show etherchannel # summaryOverview of ports in the channel and their states / proto, also shows L2/L3
switch#show etherchannel # port-channelTime since last bundle/unbundle/age/protocol/port-state/port-sec. Detailed info
switch#show etherchannel # protocolShows protocol and mode
switch#show etherchannel # detailLots of info, individual port-in-EC times, when ran without grp# shows all EC's, L2/L3
LACP16ports8active(lowest priority) IEEE port speeds/duplex must match before bundle, 1portBW per transfer
PAgP modesdesirable / auto. Desirable seeks bundling
LACP modesactive / passive Active seeks bundling
PAgPCisco, auto configures speed and duplex, full BW per transfer max8 ports

L3 Etherchannel

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WhyWhereas L2 is good for switching w/ trunks, this lets you bundle routed links for more routed throughput
HowEnable port routing and add an IP, create port-channel interface and assign int's to it with channel-group command

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