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Porcelain Veneers

Question Answer
T/F: Porcelain has the ability to mimic the translucency and texture of natural tooth enamel unlike composite.True
T/F: Porcelain is more durable than compositeTrue (apparently)
What is the success rate of porcelain veneers?93% (7% failure rate)
What is the most common reason for porcelain veneer failure? second most common?Fracture (67% of failures); Micro-leakage (22%) (will leave a brown edge around veneer)
T/F: Veneer prep is more conservative than a crown prepTrue
T/F: A crown prep is more conservative than porcelain veneer prepFalse
How much reduction is indicated for conservative porcelain veneer prep at the gingival? mid facial? near incisal? and off incisal edge?0.3 (gingival) 0.5 (mid facial) 0.7 (incisal third) 1-1.5 off incisal edge
What bur is used to make 0.5 mm depth grooves of porcelain veneer prep?828
What bus are used for reduction and margination on porcelain veneer prep?LVS 4 and LVS 3
Margin of porc veneer prep is usually supra gingival by ____ mm0.2 mm**
Most common shade for middle third of veneer? cervical third?A2; A3
What type of cement is used to bond porcelain veneer?High Viscosity Resic Cement
For every shade change you are attempting with a veneer (to correct dark teeth) prep needs to be ___ mm deeper0.2 mm
Chamfer margins should be ____ mm thick0.3 mm (the most conservative, 0.5 mm is usually accepable)

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