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intraoral porcelain repair

Question Answer
what is the Second leading cause of restoration replacement (after the first which is caries)?Failure of ceramic bonding to another material
Failure of restorative material is from porcelain fracture ____ to ____ % of the time2.3-8%
T/F: All-ceramic FPD's have higher failure rates than PFM'sTrue
T/F: PFM's have higher failure rates than all-ceramic FPD'sfalse (vice versa)
Rate the following materials on flexure strength (Zirconia, PFM, Feldspar, alumina)Feldspar < Alumina < Zirconia < PFM
T/F: Different substrates require different surface treatmentsTrue
If patching porcelain with composite... what do you condition the surface with?HF → PA → silane → adhesive → composite
What are the etching guidelines for Empress Leucite reinforced5% HF for 60 sec
What are the etching guidelines for E-max Lithium disilicate5% HF for 20 sec
What are the etching guidelines for an unknown porcelain type9% HF for 90-120 sec **
Salinazation: Increases bond strength of resin to silica based porcelain by ___%25%
Salinization increases the _______ of ceramic surfacewettability
how many coats of Silane are recommended?2 coats
T/F: Silane agent should be shiny when you're doneFalse (should not be shiny)
_____ is a Bifunctional molecule that acts as a chemical coupler by bonding organic matrix of resin based materials on one end and bonds silica in glass ceramics on the other end Silane ( 3‐methacryloxypropyltrimethoxysilane)
All of the bonding/primer agents we listed in this lecture contain what common component?MDP (10-MDP phosphate monomer)**

specific agents

fill this in
o Kuraray Dental- Clearfil Ceramic Primer
• 1st primer with MDP
• Universal bond for porcelain- zirconia/alumina ceramics and glass ceramics
o Bisco- Z prime Plus
• Organophosphate primer with MDP, BPDM, but NO SILICA!
• Use for zirconia and metal
o Ivoclar- Monobond Plus
• Contains 3 adhesive monomers
• Works with all substrates- glass, zirconia/alumina, and metal
o 3M ESPE- Scotchbond Universal
• Self-etch adhesive contains silane and MDP
• Recommend use of additional silane on silica based ceramics

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