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digital dentistry and esthetics

Question Answer
______ (cosmetics/esthetics) is for the purpose of making something look better (directed goal)Cosmetics
______ (cosmetics/esthetics) relates to beauty"of a very high standard" including function and formEsthetics
T/F: Optical impressions are limited because they need direct line of sightTrue
T/F: Optical impressions will pick up saliva on the surface of teeth, so field should be saliva freeTrue
T/F: Optical impressions have historically had the problem of crashing due to over-scanningTrue
T/F: Full arch scan is problematic when turning the corner because images are stitched togetherTrue
When 3d scanning to get shade selection, blue means what?Insufficient data for shade selection
On a virtual reduction guide, Red means how much reduction? Green and blue mean how much reduction?Red = a lot; Green and blue = no reduction

quiz questions

Question Answer
Cusp reduction is based on what?Thickness at the base and tip
Order to Restore MOD with composite layersproximal walls- horiz floor- oblique cusps
Is a wedge important with back to back (prep to prep) class 2 restorationsyes (what is this even saying)
which of these are contributing factors to post-op sensitivity?All of the above
To decrease c-factor stress, which portion of a class 2 composite should be restored first?Proximal walls
T/F: Veneer preps have lower failure rates with intraenamel marginsTrue
T/F: Self-etch is categorized as mild, moderate, aggressive and super-aggressive???
T/F: Survival rates are high at 10 years for porcelain veneersTrue
Which of the following are contributing factors to decreased dentin bonding?All of the above
T/F: you can alter occlusion on the tooth to be restored and the opposing toothTrue

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