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the boneman first used tools 2.5 million years ago, first using a bone as a club. in space odyssey moonwatcher is the alpha male who first touches it, then the monolith teaches peopel how to use tools. the monolith was found on the moon and is 4 million yrs old. use of tools allowed for warfare and game creating homo sapiens. homo sapiens originated 7 million years ago in central africa, 1 million years ago developed fire, 150,000 years ago anatomically modern.
yali's questionwhy is it you have so much cargo while we don't have any? diamond answers this through utlimate factors that cause proximate factors. the first rapid change amongst people occurs when people rapidly develop herding and agriculture. guns germs and steel contends that a favorable environment is what allowed the rulers of the world to be as such. diamond studies new guinea as a test for human behavior.
ranchier powerhistory marked by haves. ranchers do the domestication of large animals. first sheep in the fertile crescent, then cows, then horses. in china the first herding of wild pigs occurred. the first domesticates were sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, horses. "all domesticated animals are alike, all undomestication are different differently." 3 common traits of domestication- herd animals, maintain well ordered hierarchy, pack animals that can live in overlapping areas. 2 kinds of camels are bactrian (2 hump) and dromedary (1 hump)
cereals and pulsesin areas w animal domestication there was plant domestication. 1st domesticated- almond tree, most important domestication was edible grasses, cereals, and pulses. plant domestication only occurred in sedentary societies. cereals include wheat, millet, and barley; and corn, rice, oats were native to america. . pulses are plants w pods native to asia and include chickpeas, peas, lentils, soybeans, and mungbeans. flax, cotton, and hemp came from the fertile crescent.
gunpowderdevelped in china, mix saltpeter, sulfur, charcoal, mix, and dry it all and then it turns to powder aka gunpowder. in the middle east this is called black/ saracen powder. moved to the middle east in the 1300s and eventually gets to europe. europeans add copper, tin, zinc, and gun metal which allowed for the the europeans to create guns. this was an autocatalytic process. europeans make the gunhild, ballista in central europe, harquebus is the spanish gun. then muskets which are more advanced and fireable. diamond says firearms aren't important to spanish conquest. escopeta- even more advanced type of gun that's super accurate
tuscanellicolumbus' mapmaker, interests columbus who wants to get to the orient in a new way, studies ptolemy who hypothesized a sphericle world that spins around the sun, tuscanelli then theorized a sphericle earth w 2/3 eurasia and 1/3 ocean. columbus eventually got money from ferdinand and isabella for his voyage to get to the east by sailing west.during this time in spain the spanish inquisition was occurring in which all non christians killed or tortured. columbus made 4 voyages, 1st uses the westerlies which took him to the bahammas. the spanish brought guns, germs, and steel to america and colonize the caribbean.