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fallowfield ploughed, then left for a period to restore fertility
undiminishednot getting less
momentbrief period of time
exhilaratedfeel very happy, excited
machinerycomponents of a machine, lots of machines
innocencestate of not being guilty
impatientrestless, eager
officialan authority or public body eg police
accommodationplace where someone stays
wearyfatigued, showing extreme tiredness

Section 2

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tyrantcruel and oppressive(harsh and strict) ruler
sowplant; female pig
reddenedmade more red
blackenedmade darker
candidtruthful and straightforward
famineextreme scarcity of food
referredmention or allude to
altogetherin total, completely
all togethereveryone doing an action at the same time

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simulationimitation of a situation
recreationdone for leisure or relaxation
staticstationary, still
vetothe right to reject a decision made by a body
arduousdifficult and tiring
ardentvery enthusiastic or passionate
precipitationrain, snow, sleet, hail
reverefeel deep respect
hitchdifficulty or problem; move by hitch-hiking; move into a different position with a tug/jerk
dependdetermined by