Erikson's Eight Stages of Human Development

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Question Answer
Trust vs. mistrustStage 1: Infancy
Age 0-1Stage 1: Infancy
Key event is feedingStage 1: Infancy
Autonomy vs. doubtStage 2: Toddler
Age 1-2Stage 2: Toddler
Key event toilet trainingStage 2: Toddler
Initiative vs. guiltStage 3: Early childhood
Age 2-6Stage 3: Early childhood
Key event independenceStage 3: Early childhood
Competence vs. inferiorityStage 4: Elementary and middle school
Age 6-12Stage 4: Elementary and middle school
Key event schoolStage 4: Elementary and middle school
Identity vs. role confusionStage 5: Adolescence
Age 12-18Stage 5: Adolescence
Key event sense of idenitityStage 5: Adolescence
Intimacy vs. isolationStage 6: Young Adulthood
Age 19-40Stage 6: Young Adulthood
Key event intimate relationshipsStage 6: Young Adulthood
Generativity vs. stagnationStage 7: Middle Adulthood
Age 40-65Stage 7: Middle Adulthood
Key event supporting the next generationStage 7: Middle Adulthood
Integrity vs. despairStage 8: Late Adulthood
Age 65-deathStage 8: Late Adulthood
Reflection and acceptanceStage 8: Late Adulthood