Equine Terms and Breeds

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Question Answer
Neonate =birth to one month old
Weanling = first 11 months of life
yearling12-18 months old
long-yearling = 18-24 months old
adult horse =>2 years old
Light horse breeds?thoroughbred, arab, american quarter horse, american paint horse, appaloosa
Draft horse breeds?belgian, clydesdale, percheron
"Other" horse breeds?Friesian, american miniature horse
A light horse is...~15 hands tall and <1500 lbs
Diseases common in thoroughbreds?Recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis, EIPH
Diseases of arabian horse?SCID, idiopathic epilepsy
American quarter horse diseases?HyPP (hyperkalemic periodic paralysis), PSSM, HERDA (Hereditary equine regional dermal asthenia)
Standardbred diseases?Musculoskeletal injuries, granulomatous enteritis
American saddlebred diseases?Inguinal hernia
American paint horse diseases?Lethal white foal, others same as AQH (HyPP, PSSM, HERDA)
Appaloosa diseases?Moon blindness, SCC
Belgian diseases?JEB foal disease, PSSM
Friesian diseases?Esophageal disorders, neonatal dysphagia
Miniature horse diseases?Fecalith
Warm blooded horses are used for?sport: dressage, show jumping
Warm-blooded breeds?Trakehner, Hanoverian, Holsteiner, Oldenburg, Rhinelander
Palomino looks like a _____ horse with a _____ tail.Tan with a white tail
Bay is a brown horse with black where?Ears, distal legs, mane, and tail
Chestnut/Sorrel is what normal sounding color?Khaki. Or just Brown. It's a khaki horse.
Buckskin look like what but with what difference?Buckskins are the color of palominos but with black tails
Color on the feet goes distal to proximal (increasing in size) - what are the words?Coronet, Pastern, Socks, Stockings