Equine muscles

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Dorsal chain cervicaltrapezius, Rhomboideus, Splenius, nuchal ligament, cervical serratus
Ventral chain cervicalBrachiocephalicus, sternocephalicus, omotransversarius
Dorsal erector spinaeLongissimus dorsi, spinalis, iliocostal, multifidus
Ventral abdominalsRectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques
Cranial femoraltensor fascia latae, quadriceps femoris
glutealmiddle gluteal, supperficial gluteal
hamstringsbiceps femoris, semitendinous, semimebronous

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trapeziusraise shoulder
rhomboideusraise shoulder forward and up and raise neck upward
spleniusneck side to side, keep straight and rise
nuchal ligamentsupport head and neck, allow up-down move
cervical serratusraises neck when limb fixed. brings shoulder forward
brachiocephalicuspulls forelimb forward. rises scapula in collection
sternocephalicuslowers head
omotransversariushelps raise scapula and move limb forward
longissimus dorsiantagonist brachiocephalicus. supports back, pull bodu forward when limb is extended on the ground
spinalispart of longissimus dorsi
iliocostalraises neck, lateral flexion and stabilizationand stabilizes vertebrae
rectus abdominisflex back
transverse abdominisstabilize in preparation to move
internal obliquestabilizing and arch back
external obliquearch back
tensor fascia lataeflex the hip and extends stifle joint
quadricepsextends stifle joint
middle glutealabduct hind, extend hip
supperficial glutealflex hip and abduct (rotate forward)
biceps femorisallows leg to extend and abduct
semitendinousflexes stifle, inward rotation of leg, extends hip
semimebronousextends the hip joint, adducts limb

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on the bitrhomboids, splenius, cerv serratus
low and longsplenius and nuchal ligament