Equine Med- Endotoxemia 1

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Explain what is happening in this pic after 1 hr ischemia, part of GI (like fimbriae) is totally gone. very early on in a toxic insult, there is damage to your tight jxn-- and so as those go, leaves gap between cells, then relatively large endotoxin molecules can seep through and go into abd cavity.
which TLRs recognize G+ endotoxins?TLR2 in a heterodimer with TLR1 or TLR6 (1+2 or 2+6)
flagellin comes from both G+ and G-...which TLR recognizes this?TLR5
which TLRs recognize G- endotoxins?TLR4
7 of the 10 most important TLRs are where on the cell?outside of the cell
which TLRs are in the cell?9, 7, 8, 3
(slide about toll receptors) so what are they? what happens when a ligand (like LPS) binds to them? what things play a central role in this process?TLRs are Transmembrane receptors with IL-1 like cytoplasmic domain. Ligand binding induces dimerisation, which causes Activation of signal transduction cascade. NF-𝜅B and MAP kinases play a central role in this signalling (ultimately results in pro-inflammatory cytokine release)
why would TLR9, 7, 8, and 3 be on the INSIDE of the cell?recognize portions of bact and viruses that are able to enter the cell (like DNA and RNA from viruses and bacteria)