Epithelial Tissues Quiz Study Guide

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Question Answer
Lines the esophagusStratified Squamous
Forms the lining of the stomach and small intestineSimple Columnar
Forms the skin epidermisStratified Squamous
Best suited for area subjected to frictionStratified Squamous
Lines mush of the respiratory tractPseudostratified
Propels substances across its surface (eg mucus)Pseudostratified
Forms thin serious membranesSimple Squamous
Single layer of cube shaped cellsSimple Cuboidal
Multiple layers of tall, thin cellsStratified Columnar
Makes up endothelium and mesothelium Simple Squamous
Layers of cells that appear cube like when an organ is relaxed and flattened when the organ is distended by fluidTransitional
Single layer of flat, often hexagonal cellsSimple Squamous
Single layer of cells; all cells attached to the basement membrane, but only some of them reach the free surfacePseudostratified
Multiple layer of cells in which the basal layer is cuboidal and surface layers become flattened; moist or keratinizedTransitional
Involved with secretion or absorptionSimple Cuboidal
What are very rare except for mammary and sweat glands?Stratified Cuboidal and Columnar

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