Epitheal Tissue

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Epitheliumsheet of cells that cover a body surface or lines a body cavity
Glandular epitheliumfashions the glands of the body
Locationsouter layer of skin, open cavities, walls and organs of closed ventral system
Body systems it linesurinary, digestive, respiratory
Functionsprotect,absorption,filtration,excretion,secretion,sensory reception
Apical Surfaceupper free surface, exposed to external environment
Basal Surfacelower, attached surface
Specialized contactscells form continuous sheets
Basement membranecomposed of basal lamina and recticular lamina
Basal Laminafilter for materials passing from connective tissue to epithelium
Reticular Laminacontains extracellular material and collagen
Basement membrane functionreinforce epithelial sheet, resist stretching, define epithelial boundary
Avascular contains no blood vessels
Innervatedsupplied by nerve fibers
Epithelium nourished bysubstances diffusing from blood vessels in connective tissue

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Simple Layerssingle layer of cells
Stratified Layers two or more cell layers
Squamous Shapeflattened and scale-like
Cuboidal Shapebox-like, as tall as they are wide
Columnar ShapeColumn shaped
Stratified Epithelial classified byApical layers