Epidemiology Basics

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Lecture 3


epi. concerned with rltnshp of fctrs that detrmnfreq./distr of infrctios process
epi is applied to do whatcontrl health problems
epid detelsstrategy to cntrl dis. in pop.
EPI DEMOS LOGOSupon pppl study
epi. can be considered an art in thatu have to know when to use it
epi is not a: philosophy, methology, strategy, way of studying hp, body of knwldgbody of knowledge
1st holy trinity describes whatdisease characteristics
list compt of 1st trinityagent host and environment
2nd holy trinity used to do what describe disease
list comp of 2nd trinitytime,place, person
ultimate truthdenominator
denominator is whatpopulation
incidence: # __cases in pop @ ____time period/pop @ ___ in that ____ periodNEW specific risk time "speedometer"
prevalence: # ___cases in pop. @ ___ ___ in time /pop @ that ___EXISTING SINGLE pnt time "odometer"
ex. of using time, place, and person to charactarise disease1. gather evidence 2. hypothesis +prob. 3. observations with regards to time, place, and chrctrs
looking at monthly charts with x'stime dimension of disease
bio variabilitynot everyone gng to have sam incubation period
differences in incubation period indicate whatwave of disease
epidemic thresholdproportion of pop. must be susceptable for infection to occur
what does a typical epi curve look lifesharp reoccuring
what is the core science of phepi
epi used for comm _________diagnostics (mjr health prblms in comm)
establishing _________ of dise. in pop.history id periodicity
desc. natural ___ of des. in the indv.history ex HIV
desc. ___ picure of dis.clinical ie who gets it and outcomes
riskfctr increase
id _________ and _________syndromes and precursors
evaluation, prevention, and interventionvaccines
investigating epidemics/dise of __etiolotyunknown
nematode c. phillipinesis s is also known ascapillariasis
majority of pop. with capp. wasmale
capp. wa fnd in a lot of chlrnfalse
what was the interval of symptoms fo capp.1 month (11-72 days)
diagnostic criteria for capp.stomach rumbling
2 hypothesis about capp.indirect and direct
explain INDIRECT transmission of cappgo it from fish(host)-vector-host(ppl)
explain DIRECT transmission of cappgot it from ppl agent(ppl)-household-agent(ppl)
evidence for indirectoccupation, age/sex, proximity to coast
evidence for directage/sex dist. of subsequent cases, multiple households (intervals/barrio),effect of trtment on the spread of the epidemic