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What contributes to heat balanceheat gain (metabolic heat and environmental heat: conduction, convection and radiation). Heat loss: R, K, C, E.
what results in heat gainM - W +- R +- C +- K - E > 0
what results in heat loss M - W +- R +- C +- K - E < 0
WHAT does a telemetry pill do ?it sits in digestive tract and can be ingested at night and sends signals when it sits in digestive tract to the receiver then measure core temperature (2x as big as paracetamol)
how much does radiation contribute to heat loss at rest?60%
how much does evaporation contribute to heat loss when we exercise 80%
what regulates the internal body temperature Preoptic anterior hypothalamus
what is the normal range of body temp and what can deviate this range36.1-37.8 and heavy exercise, fever from illness, extreme hot or cold conditions

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what is radiationit is the respiratory heat exchange. you lose heat through breathing and a small amount of heat is lost through moisture in breath