Environmental Health Q3

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Question Answer
**Great population debate
**Measuring populations and what those statistics reveal
**Carrying Capacity
**Population growth
**Relationship between carrying capacity and population growth
**Demographic statistics and the information on a nation's quality of life
** Pop growth and Quality of life comparisons between more and less developed countries
Is population growth desirable for humanity and the biosphere?
Is human population growth a proplem
can the human population be considered a resource or a cancer?
views that say "No population problem"Cornucopians and Marxists
Cornucopianspeople are the world's ultimate resourse
Marxistspoverty is the result of distribution problems, not overpopulation
view "there is a pop problem"Malthusians, Neo-malthusians, Zeropopulation growth
Malthusianspop growth, which is exponential, is limited by growth in the food supply, which is arithmetic
Neo-malthusiansin addition to food, other factors (shortages of water and space) impose limits on continued growth
Zero population growtha halt in population growth is needed
view "the population problem is a complex issue"problems are the result of unequal distribution of resourses and high growth rates. Also, overconsumption by slow-growth countries is also a problem.