Environmental Concerns

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human populations are based onbirth, death, and migration
birth rate# births/1000 people in a given year
death rate# deaths/1000 people in a given year
Thomas MalthusAn Essay on the Principle of Population (1798). First predicted that populations can outgrow their resources.
how many people on earth7 billion
how many babies enter the world in a day?200,000
demographystudy of human populations. Calculate avg rate of natural population change (annual growth rate)
Malthus mathematical phenomenon if there is a population growth rate of 1% the population will double every 70 years.
two types of fertilityreplacement level fertility and total fertility rate
replacement level of fertility the number of children a couple must have to replace themselves
total fertility rateEstimated as the average number of children a woman will have during her childbearing years
factors affecting birth/fertility rateimportance of child birth. urbanization, cost of raising kids, education/employment of women, cultural norms, and infant mortality rate
carrying capacitythe capacity of the environment to carry a populations
easily available resourcesair, water, wild plants and animals for food
resources available through some workcrops and animals, stones for building, clay and brick from soil
difficult resourcesmined minerals and metals, most fossil fuels
perpetual resourcesolar energy. As long as the Earth is here then wind, tides, and flowing water.
renewable resourceresources that can be replenished fairly rapidly on a human scale.
nonrenewable resourceresources that exist in a fixed amount
threats to renewable resourcesoccur when humans consume them faster than nature or even humans can replenish them (pollution, tilling, hunting)
frackingprocess of injecting liquid at high pressure into subterranean rocks, boreholes, etc., so as to force open existing fissures and extract oil or gas.
easter islandFrom 800 to about 1500 AD, the Island had a large population of hunting Polynesians.
what do islanders eatfruit from island, some fish (no mammals), porpoises, seal, land birds
what happened to easter island1500- all forest removed. Drastic decline in canoes, porpoise bones from this time, and all associated food animals that had been using the forest disappeared too.

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