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A paradigmis a dominant world view in science
Advances in agriculture ________.have often resulted in alteration and destruction of natural systems

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The scientific process and knowledge is based on ________.Observation alone
Scientific inquiry is based on expanding knowledge based on observation, questioning, testing and discovery
A hypothesis isa testable proposition that explains an observed phenomenon or answers a question
An experimentis an activity designed to test the validity of a hypothesis
A(n) ________ is best defined as one who considers the impacts on the whole ecosystem, both the living and non-living, when considering an actionecocentrist

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John Muir, a great American environmentalist, felt that ________.pristine wilderness should be preserved because "We need beauty as well as bread"
In general, natural resources ________.should be used efficiently and conserved
Environmental problems whose dimensions include differential exposure to risk from toxic wastes and air pollution or lack of access to the natural beauty of parks based on ethnicity or race are issues of ________.environmental justice
The process by which several researchers review another researcher's manuscript prior to publication to ensure research quality is referred to as ________.peer review
Geothermal energy, wind and solar radiation are all examples of ________.renewable environmental factors

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Which of the following is the best description of a sustainable system component?one which is in balance with the system as a whole
Ecosystem services ________.economically valuable services provided by natural systems
Today, in 2011, the human population totals about ________.7 billion
You have read about the mistakes made on Easter Island. On Tikopia, another small island, the people acted in other ways. When they realized that the pigs they had imported were damaging the environment, they killed them all. They had to have permission from a chief to fish, which prevented overfishing. They practiced contraception. These all indicate that ________.they truly practiced sustainability