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The IUCN Red List year1964
Ramsar Convention Effective1975
Vienna Convention Effective1988
Montreal Protoco Effective 1989
UNCED held from20 to 22 June 1992
UNFCCC Effective 1994
The Kyoto Protocol Effective2005

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Indian Forest Act1927
Wild Life (Protection) Act 1972
Water (Prevn and Cont of Pollu) Act, CPCB1974
Forest Conservation Act1980
Air (Prevn and Cont of Pollu) Act1981
Environment Protection Act1986
Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules2000
Biological Diversity Act2002
National Green Tribunal18.10.2010

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Montreal Protocol a protocol ofVienna Convention
Montreal Protocol on Ozone Layer
The Kyoto Protocol onGreenhouse Gases
Ramsar is inIran
UNCED namesRio Summit, Rio Conference, and Earth Summit

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The Earth Summit resulted inRio Declaration on Envt and Dev, Agenda 21, Forest Principles
Principles of the Rio Declaration27
Agreements under Rio Declaration1. Biological Diversity, 2.Climate Change (UNFCCC), 3.Combat Desertification
UNCED held in Rio de Janeiro
UNFCCC Location New York City, US
The Kyoto Protocol extends1992 UNFCCC
The Red List of 2012Rio +20 Earth Summit. 132 plants and animals in India as critically endangered

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