Environment 4

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Section 1

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Herbivory is actually a type of ________.Predation
Microbes in our digestive tract that help us digest food demonstrate a(n. ________ association.Symbiotic
Which of the following are pioneer species? lichens
Kelp ________.suffers intense herbivory from sea urchins
Environmentally and economically acceptable means of controlling introduced invasive species include ________.public education, introduction of suitable predators, examination of imported goods

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Global climate change may produce major shifts in biomes for any given location because ________.mean temperature, precipitation and salinity will change
The Everglades Restoration Plan in Florida ________.will restore restore natural levels of water flow by undoing numerous damming and drainage projects
Detrivores includemillipedes, soil insects, many ants
The energy content and biomass of ________ is lowest in any food carnivores
Legislation passed by Congress is known as ________.statutory law

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Enforcement and elaboration of U.S. statutory law is given to ________.administrative agencies
The social changes in the U.S. 20th century gave rise to environmental laws concerned primarily with ________.reducing pollution caused by industry
Environmental damage from industry or land development has traditionally been labeled as ________ by economists.External costs
The first national park in the world was ________.Yellowstone
Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring, published in the 1960s, ________.focused on chemical pollutants, including industrial chemicals

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To control pollution, industry has been given limits and been threatened with punishment if these limits are violated. This approach is called ________.command and control
The sewage found in the Tijuana river watershed was/is ________.a transboundary problem
The principle that "internal costs", which are the costs and benefits borne by the buyer and seller alone, represent the true and full economics of all transactions is a principle of ________.neoclassical economics
International environmental policies arise from ________. international conventions or treaties
Juanita and Sam attend a beach party and notice that the local beach appears to have a great deal more trash washed up on shore than it did when they were young. The water doesn't appear nearly as clear, and there seems to be less evidence of small water creatures living in the shallows. An afternoon at the local library convinces them that one major cause is the new factory nearby. After some discussion, they decide their next step should be ________.talking to a local environmental group about solutions

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The entire environmental policy process ________.includes more steps than the average citizen is able to accomplish alone
Lobbying, legal action and campaign funding are all means used by ________ to influence governmental environmental policies.the public sector
Norman Myers points out that government subsidies are often ________.supporting activities and businesses that are environmentally harmful
Cap and Trade is a system that ________.permits industries that pollute under the federal cap to sell credits to industries that pollute over the cap
Rising per capita consumption of goods and rising population growth lead to ________.Steady state economy