EnviroHeal lect 1

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**BiosphereThin layer of rock, air, water and soil surrounding earth that contains conditions to support life. Has non and living components.
**Current state of the biosphere (6) don't memorizeTrouble! Despoiled beaches, hole in ozone, severe drought, devastating hurricanes, desertification, climate change...
**Three root causes of environmental problemsHumam pop growth (exponential and linear), abuse of resources and natural systems (renewable resources, non"), pollution (natural and cultural sources)
**Significance of exponential human population growthCatastrophic for civilization and the biosphere
**anthropocentric worldviewsThe belief that humans differ in a fundamental way from all other components of the natural world; animals, plants, landscapes, and other components have no value other than the commodity of value assigned to them by humans.
**Biocentric worldviewsHumans are an integral part of the biosphere but are no more or less valuable than all other parts
Stuardship ethicproposes that humans act as caretakers and nurturers of the world (we can choose to protect and preserve natural systems.
WorldviewA way of perceiving reality that includes basic assumptions about self, others, nature, space and time that are transmitted through CULTURE. Shapes the way cultures treat the environment. attitudes, values and beliefs.
Wwstern worldviewDominates. exploits resources, accumulates wealth, faith in science, Belief in the inherent right of the individual.
EnvironmentA SYSTEM of INTERDEPENDENT living and nonliving components in a given area over a given period of time, including all physical, chemical, and biological INTERACTIONS
Nature The sum of ALL LIVING ORGANISMS interacting with Earth's physical and chemical components as a complete system
Human and environment relationship with human healt:whatever humans do to the environment, we do to our health. Human health is a state of complete physical, mental, social and ecological well being!
Where is public health with environmental and individual health?Public Health is the link between environmental and individual health
Sustainable developmentDevelopment that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
To promote human health (4 things)Full development of human potential, adequately prosperous economy, a viable environment and a convivial community
What can you not ignore to try and improve human health?The environment!
Major environmental health problems (don't memorize, flash a few times)air water and food contaminants, overpopulation, inadequate and unsafe food, toxic chemicals and radioactive wastes, treatment and disposal of liquid and airborne wastes, elimination/reduction of stresses in the workplace, disease vectors, saftey hazzards, and habitat alterations like acidic deposition, depletion of ozone layer, climate change, resource depletion, deforestation and desertification.
T or F nearly 50% of the Amazon, the worlds largest forest has been depletedtrue
5 Determinants of healthgenetics, medical care, lifestyle, occupation and a viable environment
What are the 4 types of genetic / hereditary / Biological factors?Chromosomal abnormalities (downs, turners syndrome), Single-gene disorders (sickle cell anemia), Multifactorial Disorders (diabetes, cancer, heart disease), and Mitochondrial Disorders.
What are the 4 things to consider with Medical Care?Availability, timeliness of delivery, quality (expertise and technology) and Trends (self help/treatment, alternative non-western, self educated patients via internet.
4 issues with human lifestyleInsufficient rest, minimal exercise, deleterious habits (smoking, poor eating, alcohol), Sedentary lifestyle
Occupation consists of (3)where we work, what we do, 30-50% of our life!
Characteristics of living organisms (7)Live at expense of their environment, have a cellular structure, exhibit movement, grow, reproduce, respond to stimuli, evolve and adapt.