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to ask aroundto ask many people the same question
to back upto support
to call offto cancel
to check outto investigate
to chip in to help
to pitch into help
to come acrossto find unexpectedly
to count onto rely on
to cut back on to consume less
to cut into interrupt
to do overto do again
to do away withto discard
to do away withto put an end to
to drop byto come without an appointment
to drop offto take something somewhere and leave it there
to end up to reach
to end up to do
to end up to decide
to figure outto understand
to fill outto write information in blanks
to get back atto retaliate
to get back atto take revenge on
to get overto recover
to get togetherto meet
to go after to follow someone / try to achieve something
to go againstto oppose
to go againstto compete
to go overto review
to hand in to submit
to hand out to distribute something
to hang on to wait for a short time
to look intoto investigate
to look out forto be careful
to look overto check
to look up to to have a lot of respect
to make upto resolve
to make upto invent
to mix upto confuse
to pass outto give the same thing to many people
to put offto postpone
to run intoto meet someone unexpectedly
to set upto arrange
to shop aroundto compare prices
to sort outto organize
to sort outto resolve
to think overto consider
to turn downto decrease
to turn downto reject
to try outto test
to use up to finish the supply

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