Entretiens 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
to cautionagainst
to divideamong
to arrive at
to divide between
to beginby
to account for
to payfor
to preparefor
to substitutefor
to waitfor
to benefit from
to escapefrom
to prohibitfrom
to recoverfrom
to withdrawfrom
to arrivein
to believein
to engagein
to investin
to result inin
to succeedin
to divide into
to growinto
to approveof
to consist of
to concentrateon
to decide&on
to dependon
to planon
to relyon
to waiton
to agree ... somethingto
to contribute to
to move to
to respond to to
to subscribe to
to agree ... someonewith
to beginwith
to competewith
to consultwith
to furnishwith
to replace with

Section 2

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