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Question Answer
Self EmployedPerform all the work and keep all the profit
Opportunistic Entrepreneurs Start a business & expand as fast as possible in order to hire other employees
InventorsDesign a better product and then create companies to develop, produce and sell the item
Pattern MultipliersThose who look for an idea someone else has already had so that they can create their own business based on this model
Economy of Scale ExploitersThose who benefit from a large volume of sales by offering discount prices and operating with very low overhead
AcquirersThose who take over a business started by somebody else and use their own ideas to make it successful
Buy-Sell ArtistsThose who buy a company for the purpose of improving it so that they can sell it again for profit
SpeculatorsThose who purchase a commodity and resell it for profit
SpeculatorsReal estate, art, antiques and crops are some examples of this
Internal EntrepreneursThose who create new ideas and turn them into successful project within an existing business
FranchiseAn individual who starts a business for which a widely known product has already been established
Necessity EntrepreneursUnemployed person who need to establish his own business in order to survive