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ACUTE SUPPURATIVE OTITIS MEDIA 1) WIND-HEAT causing accumulation of heat toxinacute, bacteria, inside of ear pain, pus, often in children, Fever + aversion to cold + headache + nasal discharge + thin/white coating + superficial/rapid pulse
ACUTE SUPPURATIVE OTITIS MEDIA 2) LIV/GB-DAMP-HEAT pain inside the ear, stuffy ear, tinnitus, decrease of hearing ability + bitter taste in mouth, constipation, yellow urine, yellow/sticky tongue coating, wiry and rapid pulse
MENIERE SYNDROME 1) LIV-Yang-RisingVertigo often occurs after frustration and depression, accompanied by aggravated tinnitus, restlessness, anger, headache, nausea, fullness and oppresion in the chest and hypochondria, flushed cheeks, red eyes, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, wiry and rapid pulse.
MENIERE SYNDROME 2) PHLEGM disturbing clear orificies, causing vertigoSevere vertigo, stuffy ear, ear distension, heaviness in the head (phlegm), stuffy and full sensation in the chest and epigastrium (phlegm), salivation (too much liquid inside!), poor appetite (deficiency), lassitude, thirst without preference of drinking (b/c phlegm might cause heat, there's also dampness), pale tongue with teethmarks on the margin (dampness),
MENIERE SYNDROME 3) KID-Yang-Xu causing upward flooding of waterPalpitation in the attack of vertigo, pain in low back, cold sensation in the back, cold limbs, low‐spirits, cough, thin and white sputum, profuse urine (KID-Yang-Xu), pale tongue (Yang-Xu), thin and white tongue coating, deep (Yang-Xu), thready and weak pulse (Xu).
SENILE DEAFNESS 1) KID-Essence-XuProgressive decrease of the hearing ability in both ears, accompanied by soft tinnitus which is relieved in the mornings and aggravated in the evenings, decrease in mentality, slow in action, weakness in feet, spermatorrhea, impotence, pale tongue, scanty tongue coating (not necessarily, but KID-essence shows KID-Yin and KID-Yang s&s), thready and rapid pulse.
SENILE DEAFNESS 2) KID-Qi-XuProgressive deafness, slight tinnitus, accompanied by SOB d/t exertion (KID not grasping Qi), loose stool, urine in large volume (KID-Qi not holding urine), enuresis, dribbling of urine, pale tongue, white tongue coating, deep and feeble pulse.
ALLERGIC RHINITIS 1) Wind-Cold invading LUTickling nose, frequent sneeze, profuse watery nasal discharge, reoccurs. Short duration of onset, paroxysmal nasal itch and sneezing, clear and thin nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, or with cough, expectoration of sputum with whitish colour and aversion to wind, whitish nasal mucosa with edema, reddish tongue with whitish thin fur, floating and tense pulse.
ALLERGIC RHINITIS 2) LU-HeatTickling nose, frequent sneeze, reoccurs. Repeated onset of nasal itch, sneezing, clear nasal discharge with scanty amount, nasal obstruction, dryness (heat) of the nasal cavity during the intermittent stage, thirst with inclination to drink, reddish complexion, reddish nasal mucosa with swelling, reddish tongue with whitish or yellowish fur as well as rapid pulse.
ALLERGIC RHINITIS 3) LU-Qi-Xu and SP-Qi-XuTickling nose, frequent sneeze, reoccurs. Long duration of attack, repeated onset of nasal itch and sneezing, clear and profuse nasal discharge and nasal obstruction which occur or worsen after fatigue, or cough, expectoration, anorexia, loose stool, fatigue of limbs, pale nasal mucosa with severer edema, (no change in tongue, or maybe pale!) NOT REDDISH tongue with whitish and thin or whitish and greasy fur, thready and weak pulse.
ALLERGIC RHINITIS 4) KID-Yang-XuLong duration of attack, paroxysmal nasal itch and sneezing, clear nasal discharge, nasal obstruction, anosmia, aversion to cold, cold limbs, loose stool, frequent and profuse nocturnal urine, pale or bluish‐greyish nasal mucosa, enlargement of conchae, pale tongue with whitish fur, deep and thready pulse (slippery possibly d/t water accumulation, d/t lack of transformation).
ACUTE SINUSITIS 1) Wind-Heat in LUNasal obstruction, profuse yellow and tenacious nasal discharge, hyposmia (decrease of smelling fnct), obvious redness and swelling in muscular membrane of the nasal cavity, pain in the forehead or temples, fever, aversion to cold, slight red tongue, thin and yellow tongue (not in first days) coating, superficial and rapid pulse.
ACUTE SINUSITIS 2) GB-HeatNasal obstruction, yellow, tenacious and purulent nasal discharge, hyposmia, spliting (severe) headache, severe redness and swelling in muscular membrane of the nose, fever, bitter taste in the mouth, dry throat, blurring of vision (heat causing wind), red tongue, yellow tongue coating, wiry and rapid pulse.
ACUTE SINUSITIS 3) SP-damp-heatTrickling yellow (heat) and turbid (damp) nasal discharge in a large volume, severe nasal obstruction. Anosmia (no smell), redness and swelling in the muscular membrane, swelling in muscular membrane, headache, heaviness on head, distending sensation in abdomen, red tongue, yellow and sticky tongue coating, rolling (slippery) and rapid pulse.
CHRONIC SINUSITIS 1) LU-Qi-Xu with ColdAccompanied by dizziness, distending sensation in the head, SOB, lassitude, low voice, reluctance in speaking. Purulent secretion in meatus concha. Nasal discharge is whitish and sticky. Nasal obstruction is severe or mild, with hyposmia. hypertrophy of conchae. Nasal obstruction and discharge worsen when the nose is stimulated by cold, dizziness, cold body and limbs, short breath, fatigue and cough with sputum.
CHRONIC SINUSITIS 2) SP-Qi-XuPurulent secretion in meatus concha. Nasal discharge is whitish, sticky and profuse, but free from foul odour. Nasal obstruction is severer with hyposmia. The general symptoms include fatigue of limbs, poor appetite, abdominal distension, loose stool and sallow complexion. The tongue is pale with whitish (w/o heat) thin fur and the pulse is slow and weak.
ACUTE TONSILLITIS 1) Wind-Heathigh/acute fever, sore throat, aversion to cold, redness and swelling in tonsil, headache, foul breath, red tongue, thin and white/yellow coating, floating-rapid pulse
ACUTE TONSILLITIS 2) LU-heat and ST-heatSevere pharyngeal pain, red swelling of tonsil with yellow-white purulent spots, fever, thirst, cough w/ yellow sticky sputum, foul breath, constipation, dark urine. Red tongue w/ yellowish thick fur, full-large and rapid pulse.
CHRONIC PHARYNGITIS 1) Yin-Xusensation of foreign body in throat, itching, sl. pain, dark-red mucous membrane, night sweat, 5-palm-heat, dry stool, lassitude, insomnia, restlessness, dreams, reddish tongue, thin-or-no coating, rapid-thin pulse
CHRONIC PHARYNGITIS 2) Yang-Xusl. pain in pharynx, dry feeling in pharynx, desire for hot drinks, pale complexion, low spirit, coldness of hands/feet, clear and watery urine, loose stool, sl. redness of membrane of pharynx, white tongue coating, deep-thready-weak pulse.
ACUTE CONJUNCTIVITIS 1) EXT WIND-HEAT*itchiness*, *uncomfortable feeling*, *photophobia* w/ *burning and heavy sensation of eyelid*. Heavy *secretion* (causing blurring). Congestion in the palpebral conjunctiva, even w/ edema, swelling of the lid and large amount of mucous and purulent secretion. Maybe even hemorrhage. Usually bilateral. Worse during first 3 or 4 days, relieves in 8 to 14 days. Headache, stuffy nose, aversion to wind, sl. fever, floating and rapid pulse, pink tongue w/ thin white tongue.
ACUTE CONJUNCTIVITIS 2) INTERNAL LUNG-HEATeyes symptoms (photophobia, lacrimation, secretion, palpebral edema, redness) + Thirst, dry throat and cough, dry stools, rapid pulse, reddened tongue with thin, yellowish coating (all internal heat signs)
ACUTE CONJUNCTIVITIS 3) LIV/LU-Fireeyes symptoms (photophobia, lacrimation, secretion, palpebral edema, redness) + hypochondriac pain, bitter taste in the mouth, dryness of throat, wiry pulse, tongue redder on sides, yellow coating + spotted grayish-white cloud (superficial layers of cornea)
SENILE CATARACT 1) LIV/KID-XuVisual field gets narrow, w/ black shadows in fixed locations. Can be double vision (diplopia). Progress is slow, but can cause blindness. senile weaker + blurred vision, dizziness, tinnitus, loins/knees sore, pale tongue (Qi-Xu, Yang-Xu, Bl-Xu), small-weak pulse
SENILE CATARACT 2) SP-Qi-XuVisual field gets narrow, w/ black shadows in fixed locations. Can be double vision (diplopia). Progress is slow, but can cause blindness. blurred vision + SP-Qi-Xu (Blurred vision, lassitude of extremities, sallow complexion, poor appetite, loose stools, pale tongue, weak pulse...)
SENILE CATARACT 3) Yin-Xu with damp-heatVisual field gets narrow, w/ black shadows in fixed locations. Can be double vision (diplopia). Progress is slow, but can cause blindness. blurred vision + foreign body sensation (uncomfortable sensation) in the eyes, thirst but having no desire for drink, dry stools, and reddened tongue with yellowish greasy fur.
GLAUCOMA 1) LIV-Qi-Stagdistending pain of the eye, diminution of vision, emotional upset, headache, chest distress, nausea, vomiting, red tongue w/ thin coating, wiry pulse.
GLAUCOMA 2) LIV/GB-Firesymptoms of angle closure glaucoma, w/ nausea, vomiting, constipation, red tongue w/ yellow coating, wiry-rapid pulse
GLAUCOMA 3) Phlegm-Fireeye-distenting pain, blurred vision, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, deep-colored urine, constipation, red tongue w/ yellow and greasy coating, slippery-rapid pulse
GLAUCOMA 4) Yin-Xu causing internal wind/yang-risingdullness and sl. pain in the eye and head, blurred vision, tinnitus (low-pitch), deafness, dry mouth and throat, red tongue w/ little coating, thin-rapid pulse

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