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• Other classic sx of lower motor neuron facial nerve paralysis? Common cause? Treatment?hyperacusis because stapedius muscle is paralyzed. Common cause is herpes simplex, treat with valacyclovir and oral prednisone
• Common cause of bilateral facial nerve palsy?lyme disease
• This tumor commonly causes lower motor neuron facial nerve paralysisacoustic schwannoma
• Most common causes of congenital hearing loss?TORCH infections. Toxo others Rubella, CMV, herpes
• What is meniere disease?vertigo and tinnitis and hearing loss. Disorder of inner ear
• Common cause of conductive hearing loss in adults in their 20s and 30sotosclerosis
• Treatments for meniere disease?first line is low salt diet. For acute cases, benzos, anticholinergics (scopolamine) and antihistamines. Diuretics for ongoing treatment.
• Which drugs cause hearing loss?loops, cisplatin, aspirin, aminoglycosides (gentamicin, amikacin)
• Sudden deafness, unilateral occurring over hours. What is this? What do you do?sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL). Most cases are idiopathic. Do MRI to rule out other causes, steroids are first line therapy
• Most common cause of acquired hearing loss in children?Bacterial meningitis. Children should receive formal hearing testing after a bout of meningitis
• Most common cause of viral rhinitis (common cold)rhinovirus
• What causes bacterial rhinitis? 3 common culpritsGroup A strep, pneuococci, or staphylococci
• Thyroglossal duct cyst vs branchial cleft cystmidline, elevate with tongue, lateral/can become infected
• Workup for unknown cancer in the neck?Triple endoscopy with triple biopsy aka laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy, and esophagoscopy with biopsies of suspicious lesions
• Foul smelling discharge and pain and possible hearing loss. How do you treat this?swimmer's ear aka otitis externa. Treat with topical antibiotics (ofloxacin, neomycin) and possibly topical steroids to reduce swelling
• Three causes of otitis media?strep pneumo, H flu, moraxella catarrhalis
• Inflammation of the tympanic membrane? What causes this?infectious myringitis, mycoplasma most commonly but strep pneumo or viruses can cause it. Treat with erythromycin or clarithromycin to cover mycoplasma and strep pneumo
• Treatment for acute sinusitis?amoxicillin, bactrim, or amox clav
• Presbyacusis?old age sensorineural hearing loss
• This nasopharyngeal tumor is more common in mediteranean or asian people. Strong association with this virusnasopharyngeal carcinoma, undifferentiated carcinoma of squamous cell. Associated with EBV
• Bilateral hearing loss, elevated alk phos normal GGT.paget's disease
• Difficulty hearing in noisy crowded environments usually due topresbycusis, old people hearing less
• Severe obesity and untreated obstructive sleep apnea, waking up with choking sensation and being severely limited with activity because you're so tired during the dayobesity hypoventilation syndrome
• Deviated uvula and unilateral lymphadenopathy with muffled voice and high fever. What is this and what do you do?this is a peritonsillar abscess, needle aspiration asap and abx

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