English Vocab Review gr 10

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AllegoryStory, Poem, fable, song or play that also acts as an extended metaphor for a larger concept. (harry potter is an allegory for good & bad)
Alliterationa repetition of the same souns in a group of words
Allusiona reference, explicit or implicit to a place, person or event.
Connotationemotional associations implied or suggested by a word extended beyond dictionary meaning (childlike & youthful)
FlashbackInteruption of the plot to recreate an incident of an earlier time.
Foreshadowingfuture events are suggested by the author before they happen
Hyperbolea deliberate exaggyration for effect
imagerylanguage which describes in great detail and paints an image in the readers mind
situational ironywhen expected outcome of a situation is different from real outcome
dramatic ironycontrast between what the character thinks is true, and what the reader knows is true
verbal ironycontrast between what is said and what is meant (sarcasm)
metaphorcomparison that likens one thing to somthing else. (not using "like" of "as")
Onomatopeiarefers to words that imitate sounds
oxymoron deliberate side by side placement of words that seem contradictory in meaning
pathetic fallacyattribution of human emotions or characteristics to inanimate objects or nature
personificationoccurs when non-human things are described as if they were human
similecomparison that uses "like" or "as"
symbolis a person, place, thing, event that represents an abstract idea
Elements of a storysetting, characters, plot, conflict, resolution, point of view, theme, mood
Settingis where/when of a tort. Time an place during which the story takes place (furniture, scenery, clothing, customs)
Moodis the feeling conveyed throughout the story
Charactersentitys participating in the story
Protagonost the entity around which the story revolves
Antagonistopposition to the protagonist
Plotsequence of events that make up a story.
surprise endingending the reader does not expect
conflictopposition between two forces
external conflictoutside force
internal conflicttakes place in characters mind
Point of ViewHow the story is described
Third person omminicentshows thoughts & feelings of all characters
Third person limitedshows thoughts and feelings of one character
Themegeneral message. controlling topic (the message author is trying to convey)
plot orderexposition, trigger incident, rising action, climax, falling action
expositionintroduction to the story. opening situation
trigger incidentkey event that starts the action
rising actionseries of events which arise that the protagonist has to overcome
climaxmost exciting part of the story- a decision which ends up in defeat or victory
falling actionwraps up loose ends

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