English Vocab 12-12

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Section 1

Question Answer
melancholya gloomy state of mind (adj)
sweetmeatsa sweet delicacy prepared with sugar, honey, etcetera (n)
bellowto shout loudly and without restraint (v)
ravinea very deep, narrow valley with steep sides (n)
miscreanta person who behaves badly in a way that breaks the law (n)
disperseto scatter or drive off in different directions (v)
conjureto make appear unexpectedly as if by magic (v)
sonorousgiving out or capable of giving out sound, especially resonant sound (adj)
expostulateto reason with someone in an effort to dissuade or correct (v)
malodoroussmelling very unpleasant (adj)
eruditeshowing or having great knowledge (adj)
delectationdelight, enjoyment (n)
edificationmoral improvement or guidance (n)
aubergineseggplant (n)
ruminationthe act of thinking about something in a sustained fashion (n)

Section 2

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rusticconstructed or made in a plain or simple fashion (adj)
iridescentproducing a display of rainbow like colors (adj)
affrontto confront or meet defiantely (v)
flotillaa small fleet (n)
mutinousconsisting mutiny (adj)
estimabledeserving of respect (adj)
formidableinspiring fear or respect through being large, powerful, etc (adv)
irreparablyunable to be repaired or rectified (adv)
disconsolatelywithout consolations, hopelessly unhappy (adv)
maliciouslywith evil intent (adv)
scurryto go with light running steps (v)
synthesizeto combine to form a new and complex product (v)
tendrilssomething that is long, slender, and curling (n)
mortifyto cause shame, humiliation, or wounded pride (v)
consoleto allay the sorrow or grief of someone

Section 3

Question Answer
annihilationthe act of destroying completely (n)
inscrutabledifficult to understand or interpret (adj)
minionsfollowers (n)
incalculableto great to be calculated (adj)
judiciouslyexhibiting judgement (adv)
harmattana dry land breeze (west coast of Africa) (n)
improvidentlacking foresight for the future (adj)
gourdhard-shelled fruit whose shell is used for bowls and utensils (n)
cowrya polished and colored shell used for currency in parts of Africa and Asia (n)
impendingimminent threat, about to happen (adj)
plaintiveexpressing sorrow or melancholy (adj)
prowessskills or expertise in an area (n)
revereto regard with respect (v)
discernto perceive or recognize (v)
uncannystrange or mysterious in an unsettling way (adj)

Section 4

Question Answer
imperiousassuming power without justification (adj)
capricioussudden change in mood without justification (adj)
emissarya person sent on a mission, usually diplomatic representative (n)
malevolentshowing a wish to do evil to others (adj)
incipientin an initial stage (adj)
abominationa thing that causes disgust or hatred (n)
contemptibledespicable (adj)
smolderingburning slowly with smoke but no flame (adj)
luxuriantlush (adj)
brusquenessin an abrupt manner (n)
atoneto make amends (n)
valedictionthe act of saying goodbye (n)
disquietingcausing uneasiness or anxiety (adj)
calabasha type of gourd (n)
tentativeunsure or uncertain, done without confidence (adj)

Section 5

Question Answer
soota substance made or fine particles created in the burning of wood, oil, etc (n)
frondleaflike part of a plant (n)
disembodiedseparated from or existing without a body (adj)
feignto fake (v)
espyto see at a distance (v)
copiouslylargely in number or quantity (adv)
plantaina tropical plant that resembles a banana (n)
haggleto wrangle or dispute, to bargain (v)
audacityshameless boldness or daring (n)
malevolencethe state of wishing evil upon others (n)
specioussuperficially plausible, but wrong (adj)
esotericunderstood by and meant for a select number or people (adj)
notoriousfamous or well known usually for a bad deed (adj)
essenceintrinsic nature of indispensable quality of something (n)
cassavaAmerican tropical plant harvested for tuberous roots important in some food products (n)

Section 6

Question Answer
lamentationthe act of expressing grief (n)
tremulousshaking or quivering slightly (adj)
inadvertentlywithout intention, accidentally (adv)
requisitemade necessary by particular circumstances (adj)
begetto bring a child into existence by reproduction (v)
woefulcausing sorrow or grief (adj)
harbingera forerunner (n)
evangelista person who seeks to convert people to Christianity (n)
enthrallto capture the attention on (v)
callowinexperienced and immature (adj)
degeneratehaving a loss of normal or desirable qualities (adj)
impotentunable to take effective actions, helpless or powerless (adj)
waveringshaking or quivering slightly, undecided (adj)
abominablecausing moral disgust, bad or unpleasant (adj)
ostracizeto exclude from society or a group (v)

Section 7

Question Answer
tubera thickened underground part of a stem (n)
lobea roundish flattish part of something (n)
resilientable to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions (adj)
indignitya treatment or circumstances that cause one to feel shame or loose dignity (n)
grieveto suffer deep sorrow (v)
imminentabout to happen (adj)
desolatea place deserted of people in a satiate of bleak dismal emptiness (adj)
pacifyto calm anger or excitement (v)
sullenbad-tempered and sulky, gloomy (adj)
tumulta loud confused noise (n)
superfluousunnecessary, excessive (adj)
pacificationthe act of suppressing by elimination a population considered to be hostile (n)
decreean official order issued by a legal official (n)
proclamationa public announcement usually of importance (n)
martialwarlike (adj)

Section 8

Question Answer
underlinga person in lower status (n)
oblivionamnesty, pardon (n)
brazenmade of brass, bold (adj)
throngto fill or be present in a place (v)
marshalto arrange or assemble a group of people (v)
vengeancepunishment inflicted for wrong doings (n)
bravadoa bold manner (n)
brandishto wave or flourish something as in a threat or anger (v)
mawjaws or throat of an animal (n)
headlongin a rush, with reckless haste (adv)
mullto think about deeply for a length of time (v)
barricadeto block or defend with a barrier (v)
meritorious deserving reward or praise (adj)
instigatora person who stirs up something (n)
atrociousextremely evil or cruel (adj)

Section 9

Question Answer
adeptvery skillful and effective (adj)
grateto cause irritation and annoyance (v)
breakersheavy sea waves (n)
yokea wooden crosspiece hooked to the neck of animals to pull a cart (n)
impassea situation in which no progress can be made (n)
ingeniousclever, original (adj)
wretchedin a very unhappy or unfortunate state (adj)
buffetingthe actions of striking someone repeatedly violently (v)
ritesreligious or other solemn ceremony (n)
wheelto push or pull (a vehicle) (v)
gallbold, imprudent behavior (n)
retributionpunishment inflicted as vengeance (n)
adversitydifficulties, misfortune (n)
insolencerude and disrespectful behavior (n)
perquisitesperks (n)

Section 10

Question Answer
impietylack of reverence especially for a god (n)
consecrateto make or declare something sacred (v)
devastationgreat destruction or damage (n)
galea strong wind (n)
heira person legally entitled to something upon someone's death (n)
ensnareto catch in a trap (v)
kindredone's family (n)
staunchloyal and committed, strong or firm (adj)
anarchya state of disorder due to lack of authority (n)
endowto give or bequeath to someone (v)
eloquencefluent or persuasive speaking or writing (n)
torrenta strong, fast moving stream of water or other liquid (n)
infallibleincapable of making mistakes or being wrong (adj)
bandyto pass on or discuss (v)
wrenchto pull or twist suddenly and violently (v)
transgressinfringe or go beyond the bounds, break the law (v)
augurya sign or omen of the future (n)
defilementthe act of spoiling (n)
unhallowednot formerly consecrated (adj)
glistento shine or glitter (v)
indiscriminatedone at random without careful judgement (adj)

Section 11

Question Answer
harmatiatragic flaw
peripeteiareversal of fortune
hubrisover-weening pride
catharsispurging, raise and resolve feelings

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