English terms

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Question Answer
What is allegory?a story, poem, or picture that reveals some form of hidden meaning.
What is alliteration?when the same sound or letter is repeated in a sentence.
What is analogy?When two things are compared to help reader better understand.
What is an anecdote?short funny story about real life.
What is a conflict?a disagreement or misunderstanding between characters or hidden force.
What is denouement?a final resolution or end plot
What is dialect?the language used by the characters in the story from a certain area. Helps readers to better understand background.
What is hyperbole?occurs in the story when the author over exaggerates.
What is foreshadowing?when the author gives the reader a hint of what is going to happen in the story.
What is a flashback?Interruptions created on purpose by the author that cause the reader to go back in time.