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EdgarEdgar noting I am, Away the foul fiend follows me, the lowest and most dejected thing of fortune, poor toms a cold, than still contemned and flattered, wretched though i seem, he chided as i fathered, reason is madness
Gloucesterwe have seen the best of our time: machinatious, hollowness, treachery, and all ruinous disorders, follow us disquietly to our graves, all dark and comfortless?, hath your grace no better company? i see feelingly, there was good sport inches making, as flies to wanton boys are we to the gods, they kill us for their sport
Edmundnow gods stand up for the bastards, thou nature art my goddess; to thy law my services are bound, which of them shall i take? both? one? neither? i had the maidenliest star in the firmament twinkled on my bastardising
The Foola truths a dog must to kennel, he must be whipped out, that it had its head bit off by its young, can you make sense of nothing nuncle? thou shoudlst not have been old till thou hadst wise
Gonerili do love you more then word can wield the matter, idle old man, "you're not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face"
King Learnothing will come of nothing, speak again, i am a man more sinned against than sinning, come not between the dragon and his wrath, o let me not be mad, not mad, and let not women weapons water drop stain my mans cheeks, we two alone will sing like birds i'the cage
Regango thrust him out the gates and let him smell his way to dover, only my sister comes up short, "see what breeds about her heart", till noon? util night my lord and all night too
Cordelialet this kiss repair those violent harms, i cannot have my heart into my mouth, nothing, i love your majesty according to my bond, no more no less, "who redeems nature from the general curse"
Kentid rather break my own heart, see better lear, decay hath followed your sad steps, the gods reward your kindness

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Adamsolitude sometimes is the best society and short retirement urges sweet return, we know both good and evil good lost and evil got bad fruit of knowledge, fondly overcome with female charm, out state cannot be severed we re one one flesh; to lose thee were to lose myself
Everender me more equal, adam shall share with me in bliss or woe, how are we happy still in fear of harm? what he forbids but to know forbids us good forbids us wise? a thing not undesirable sometimes superior; for inferior who is free? keep the odds of knowledge in my power without my copartner?
Satanonly in destroying i find ease in my restless thoughts, i see pleasures about me so much more i feel torment within me, i of brute human ye of human gods, the serpent sleeping in whose mazy folds to hide me and the dark intent i bring, do not believe those of gives you life to who have touched and tasted yet live
WOMENher long with ardent look his eyes pursued, fairest unsupported flower, into her heart too easy entrance won, left to herself if evil thence ensue she first his weak indulgence will accuse
FALLshe plucked she ate: earth felt the wound and nature from her seat sighing all was lost, as wantonly repaid: in lust they burn, the force of that fallacious fruit, to hide the parts of each other that seemed most to shame obnioxious, change these notes to tragic foul distrust and breach disloyal on the part of man revolt and disobedience
FREE WILLgod left free the will, for what obeys reason is free, go; for thy stay not free
INNOCENCEdespoiled of innocence of faith of bliss, which leaves us naked of honour void of innocence of faith of purity
REVENGEfrom his own evil and for the time remained stupidly good of enmity disarmed of guile of hate of envy of revenge but the hot hell that always in him burns, revenge at first though sweet bitter ere long back on itself recoils
SINimmortal eve for such thou art from sin and blame entire, hide me where i may never see them more
KNOWLEDGEit gives you life to knowledge, to happier life knowledge of god and evil, knowledge forbidden?.cant be a sin to know? can it be death?

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Giovannilet guilty men remember their black deeds do lean on crutches made of slender needs
Zanchehence petty thoughts of my disgrace i never loved my complexion till now
Isabelladevotion my lord, may your sins find mercy as i upon a woeful widowed bed shall pray for you, i will make myself the author of your cursed vow, o that i were a man or that i had power
Franciscothis revenge is poor because it steals upon him like a thief, no more than two placed on top of a turret the other in the bottom of a well, he without their ransom?how then will you reward your soldiers? believe me i am nothing but her grave and i shall keep her blessed memory longer than 1000 epitaphs
Marcellohe took the crucifix between his hands and broke a limb off, those words ill make thee answer with thy heart blood
Lodovicofortunes a right whore, i did love braccianos duchess dearly or rather i pursued her with hot lust, i do glory yet that i can call this act my own
Monticelsoblack lust, what goodly fruit she seems, when you awake from this lascivious dream repentance will follow, were there a second paradise to lose this devil would betray it
Flamineoa politician imitates the devil as the devil imitates the cannon, glories like glow worms after off shine bright but looked to near have neither heat nor light, women are like to burs where their affection throws them there they'll stick, must she be cudgelled she bear good fruit? what religion is best for a man to die in? i visited the court whence i returned more courteous more lecherous by far but not a suit the richer, i do dare my fate to do its worst, nothing sooner dryer than a womens tears
Vittoriamy defense of force like perseus must person are masculine virtue, a rape you have ravished justice forces her to do your pleasure, o me this place is hell, through darkness diamonds spread their richest light
Braccianoabove law above scandal, excellent then she's dead, woman to man is either a god or a wolf, let th' irregular north wind sweep her up and blow her int his nostrils, wheres this whore? wheres this good woman?