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Question Answer
nervous about/of nervózní / I am nervous when I have to speak in English in front of lot of people.
confused aboutzmatený / don't understand very well / You tell me that you want to have a good note in English but at the same time you tell me that study 70 minutes a week is too much, so I am confused, I don´t understand very well.
guilty aboutproviněný / feeling ashamed (not well) because you have done something that you know is wrong or have not done
depressed about deprimovaný / very sad and without hope
relieved about"když nám spadne kámen ze srdce" / If you are waiting for some news and when you receive the news and they are good you feel relieved "UUFF"
angry aboutnaštvaný kvůli něčemu / not satisfied / my mum is angry about things that are not perfect
pleased withpotěšený něčím / be happy about something / She was very pleased with her exam results.
fed up withotrávený něčím / don't like something - have enough of something /I am fed up with my job, I need some holiday
satisfied withspokojený / to be pleased, to happy / She is never satisfied with my work
irrited withnaštvaný, rozčílený / to be fed up with or angry about something = not satisfied - not happy
confusingdiffucult to understand, not clear / this text is confusing
excited aboutfeeling or showing happiness and enthusiasm / She was excited about this trip
excitingcausing great interest or excitement / This trip is really exciting
frightened ofafraid, feel fear / I am frightened of speaking in front of lot of people.
frighteningsomething or someone who causes fear - what makes you feel afraid / a spider can be frightening for some people
afraid offeel fear / I am afraid of dentist
worried aboutfeel unhappy and afraid /I am worried because my brother hasn't come back home and I don't know where he is.
worryingthat causes worries / my English notes are worrying
shocked bysurprised and upset / I am shocked by this news, it's horrible!
shockingsomething that suprises us in a negative way / This news is really shocking
get onenter / gen on the bus
take offremove / on the beach we take of our T-shirts
put downput on the ground / I put it down because it was too heavy to carry
break downto become very bad / she broke down and started to cry.
go offleave / She said good bye and went off
skilled in / athaving enough ability, experience and knowledge to be able to do something well
a thief / thieves - pl.a person who steals something from another person or place
steal, stole, stolento take something from a person, shop/store, etc. without permission and without intending to return it or pay for it
rob, robbed, robbedrob somebody/something (of something) to steal money or property from a person or place 7rob a bank, rob a house
mug, mugged, mugged someoneo attack somebody violently in order to steal their money, especially in a public place
a robbera person who robs

professions - jobs

Question Answer
waiter, waitress

exercise - adjectifs

Question Answer
She feels fear when she sees a spider, she is afraid / scared / frightened of spider..She is afraid of spider.
She didn´t expect this bad news, she was .....She was shocked.
This movie is ....., I cannot watch it aloneThis movie is frightening.
She is nervous (....) her presentationshe is nervous about her presentation.
Alice hasn´t called us since last week, we are (...) about herAlice hasn´t called us since last week, we are worried about her.
I´ve been abroad since a long time and I want to go back home - I am a) homesick b) releaved c) shockedhomesick
He feels (....) because he didn´t tell her the truth - he feels a) pleased b) confused c) guiltyguilty

personal prounons exercise:

Question Answer
Don't worry, he's a bit strange sometimes. Just ignore ........juste ignore him.
Where do you want these bags? Shall I put ..... over here?Shall I put them over there?
Listen, here's my number. Call .... if you need any helpCall me if you need any help.
We're going for something to eat. Do you want to come with ....?Do you want to come with us?
Where is Joanne. Have you seen ..... her today?Have you seen her today?