English final literary terms

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climaxthe high point of interest and suspense; the turning point
tone shows the characters attitude of the subject through their speech
themethe central message of a work of literature; important concepts or lessons that have universal appeal
setting time and place where the story takes place
internal conflicttakes place inside the character (human vs self) for ex) if a person has to make a difficult decision
external conflicttakes place outside the human (human vs human) (human vs society) (human vs nature) etc
metaphora comparison of seemingly unlike things that

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simileusing "like" or "as" for a comparison of seemingly unlike things
foreshadowinghints or clues about events that will occur later in the story
allusiona reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, work of art, mythology etc..
imagerywords that appeal to the senses
motifany reocurring element that can be used as a symbol and helps to show the tone and mood
symbolismthe use of something/someone to represent ideas or qualities
personificationa nonhuman subject is given human characteristics

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dramatic ironywhen the reader or audience knows something that the character in the story of drama does not know
verbal ironywhen a character says something but means the opposite; often called sarcasm
situational ironywhen something unexpected occurs; what actually happens is the opposite of what was expected
tragic flawthe weakness of a character in a tragedy. This is what leads to their demise
Hubrisoverweening pride that results in the misfortune of the protagonist in the tragedy. This causes the protagonist to break morality
aphorisma statement of truth or opinion expressed in a concise witty matter ex) when your in bed your dead
alliterationwhen a series of words in a row have the same first letter sound ex) she sells sea shells by the sea shore
onomontopoeiaa word that is read like a sound ex) cuckoo or sizzle

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