English Commentary - January 26, 2017

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Section 1

Question Answer
Turning PointOthello goes from trusting Cassio to jealous of him.
Part OneExposition
Part TwoRising Action
Part ThreeTurning Point
Part FourFalling Action
Part Five Catastrophe
CatastropheFive people die (ROB ED)
Falling ActionOthello states he plans to kill both Cassio and Desdemona in Act 4.
Devil MotifIago successfully manipulating others
Devil Quote“I bleed sir, but not killed.”
Love makes people stupid motifConnects to the Devil Motif.
Military EthosIago is able to manipulate people expressing his loyalty towards them.
Iago Says"I am not what I am"

Section 2

Question Answer
Woods SymbolizeThe unknown
ToneDark and gloomy
SymbolismSnow falls in downy flakes, like a blanket to die under (death).
DecisionStay in the snow and freeze or leave the woods
ConscienceHorse rings alarms to alert the persona to leave
RealizationPromises and obligations that must be kept
RepetitionLast two lines: "And miles to go before I sleep"
FormIambic tetrameter