English 3 AP

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Question Answer
1) What is retrospection?Retrospection is a contemplation of past events or circumstances.
2) What is ambiguity?Ambiguity is an uncertainty that leaves the text open to interpretation.
motif In medias res means “in the middle of the action. Writers often use this technique to capture their reader’s attention, and then they use flashbacks to fill in the gaps in the narrative.
emphatic orderA motif is a recurring element of a literary text that serves to unify elements of that text. An action, character type, detail, image, situation, subject, symbol, and/or theme may serve as a motif.
6) What is exemplification?Emphatic order is a method of organization in which the support is arranged in order of importance – usually saving the best for last – so as to construct an argument, point by point, and leave the audience with a lasting impression.
7) To what does context refer?Exemplification is a pattern of development that uses a single example or a group of examples to support or clarify a thesis.
8) What is a point of view?The context refers to the situation – the time, place, and/or audience – in which a text is either written or read.
9) What is bias?Point of view_ refers to the angle from which a story is told. The vantage point is typically first- or third- person.
10) What is coherence?Coherence is a logical, orderly, and consistent relationship among the parts of a text. Coherence enables a reader to follow the writer’s train of thought. Writers achieve coherence through the use of transitions.