English 098-108 spelling words

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Question Answer
abdicateto cast off
Absencenot present: state of being absent
Academicallyconforming to the traditions or rules of school
Acceleratora musule or nerve that speed the performance of an action
Accessibleproviding access,capable of being reached
Acclaimapplaud, praise
Acclimatedto adopt to a new temperature, altitude
Accomodateto make fit, suitable
Accompaniedto go with as a companion, or associate
Accomplishto bring about a result by effect
Accordiona portable keyboard wind instrument in which the wind is forced past free reeds by means of a hand-operated bellows
Accumulateto gather or pile up especially little by little
Achievementthe act of achieving, a result gained be effort
Acknowlegeto recognize the right, authority or status of
Acousticsof or relating to the sense or organs of hearing to sound, or to the Science of Sounds