Engine-Out Missed Approach

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Question Answer
Initiation (1/6ish)1. Simultaneously
PF- "Go Around-Flaps"
PF-Thrust TOGA
PF-Rotate to positive climb (apron 12.5 degrees)
Apply Rudder to center Beta Target
2. PM-Retract Flaps one step and announce "Flaps_____"
Verification that A/C is climbing (2/6ish)1. PM-"Positive Climb"
2. PF-Verify a positive rate of climb and call "Gear Up"
3. PM -Set Landing Gear Lever Up
4. PM-Confim/Announce "Gear Up-Flaps"
5. PM-Verify M/A Altitude is set
Engine-Out Acceleration Altitude (1,000ft) (3/6ish)1. PF - Push ALT to level off and accelerate to 'green dot' speed retracting flaps on schedule
At F speed and accelerating (4/6ish)1. PF - "Flaps 1"
2. PM-"Speed Checked", Select Flaps 1 and "Flaps 1"
At S speed and accelerating (5/6ish)1. PF -"Flaps Zero"
2. PM-"Speed Checked", select Flaps 0 and "Flaps 0"
3. PM-APU Bleed/Master, ENG Mode SEL, TCAS, Anti-ice--As Required
4. PF-At 'green dot' speed set OPN CLB and MCT (by pulling alt knob)
5. If thrust lever in FLX/MCT Detent, move lever to CL and back to MCT
6. PF-Climb at MCT
7. PM-Complete checklist and announce "After TO/CLimb Checklist Complete Down to the Line"
At Flaps Speed (6/6ish)1. PF-Engage NAV mode to follow the published missed approach procedure or;
2. Prepare for a second approach by selecting the ACTIVE APP PHASE and CONFIRM on the PERF page
100 Radio Altimeter (When 100ft)1. PF-Select NAV or HDG Mode
2. PM-Observe mode annunciation
3. Verify route tracking