Eng Short Story Unit Test Review

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The Tell-Tale Heart

Question Answer
Charactersnarrator, old man, police officers
SettingAt night in the old man's bedroom
Central Conflict person vs self
Climaxwhen narrator hears the dead old man's heartbeats and get very nervous and angry before the police officers
MoodSuspenseful, tense, unease, peculiar, madness
ThemeDo not let your imagination overwhelm you

The Visitation

Question Answer
CharactersFernando, Don-Cesareo, Benasconis, Gustavo, Adriana, the beggar
Setting1965 to 1979 beside the narrators window and between the two houses
Central Conflict person vs self, person vs supernatural, person vs. person
Climaxwhen the beggar came out of Adriana's house and Don Cesareo was killed by Gustavo
Moodresentful, peculiar, heavy


Question Answer
CharactersKatie, Ellen, Bab, Seth
Settingat the front of the hut, beside the cliff on a mountain
Central Conflict person vs self
Climaxwhen they discobver the circle of moss worn away by dancing feet are only a hand's breadth's away from the edge of the cliff
ThemeAlways remember life is precious

Doing Something

Question Answer
CharactersKenny, Cynthia, Kenny's parents, Commercial guy, Karen (Kenny's sister)
SettingA beautiful summer day at the beach, the Stone Throw Restaurant, and at the lake
Central Conflict person vs person
Climaxwhen dad sees Kenny and Cynthia driving the boat on the commercial guy's video tape
Moodcasual, loving, humerous
ThemeDon't judge a person by their outside, know this person by the inside before you make a judgement

Green Grass, Running Water

Question Answer
CharactersLionel, Lionel's mom, nurse, Dr.Loomis
SettingAt the band office, hospital at Calgary, hospital in Toronto
Central Conflict person vs person
ClimaxWhen Lionel realize that the nurse made a mistake and he's alone in Toronto while his mom is in Calgary, and he ran outside the hospital
Moodtense, stressed
ThemeDo not put yourself in a uncontrollable situation just for jealousy

The Most Dangerous Game

Question Answer
CharactersRainsford, General Zaroff, Ivan Whitney
Settingon a ominously mysterious exotic island somewhere in the Caribbean Sea
Central Conflict person vs person
ClimaxWhen General Zaroff discovers Rainsford in his bedroom
Moodtense, mysterious, suspenseful, frightening
ThemeDon't go too far, or men becomes a monster

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