Energy within our body

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The energy within our body has many producers. It can be used and made in a snap. We use energy for all sorts of things like, blinking, swallowing, and even turning our heads. There are many quick ways to getting energy and its not just sleeping.
          A fast way for energy is food, the type of energy contained in food is carbohydrates. We get energy because chemical energy contained in the chemical bonds of food molecules are converted to mechanical energy which is energy the human body can use.
jEach time a chemical bong is broken energy is released. The cells in our body are constantly working helping us by keeping us alive but it does use energy. The digestive system process uses a lot of energy as well. All of this gives off and makes heat energy.
As heat is released so is energy which means that our body has to be constantly moving to maintain constant body temperature.


          Animals and plants use energy as well, plants collect energy from the sun which is what chloroplasts use to convert to energy. Animals eat one another or plants or both, they maintain energy by what they eat. Digestion is what helps our body convert food molecules
to energy for use within the body. The main chemical energy found within food molecules is ATP, which then provides mechanical energy for all our body function.