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The seven pdts of anterior pituitary gland (Mnemonic)FLAT PEG
FLAT PEGFSH, LH, ACTH, TSH, Prolactin, Endorphins, GH
Hypothalamic Hormone GnRH causes release of which Anterior Pituitary HormonesLH and FSH
Hypothalamic Hormone GHRH causes release of which Anterior Pituitary HormonesGH
Hypothalamic Hormone PIF inhibits release of which Anterior Pituitary HormonesProlactin
Hypothalamic Hormone TRH causes release of which Anterior Pituitary HormonesTSH
Hypothalamic Hormone CRF causes release of which Anterior Pituitary HormonesACTH

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GHRHgrowth hormone releasing hormone
PIFProlactin inhibitory factor
TRHThyroid releasing hormone
CRFCorticotropic releasing factor
ACTHAdrenocorticotropic hormone
Other name for PIFDopamine

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Cortisol is secreted by-------- glandAdrenal gland
Cortisol inhibits -------- and ---------- by feedback inhibition, from releasingHypothalamus and Anterior Pituitary gland/ CRF and ACTH

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Posterior pituitary gland releasesOxytocin and ADH(vasopressin)
Direct anterior pituitary hormonesbind to the target organ and have direct effect
Tropic anterior pituitary hormonesbind to the target organ but have instead of direct effect they release effector hormones (tropic hormones act as intermediates)
Direct hormonesPEG
Tropic HormonesFLAT
Which gland produces the Oxytocin and ADHHypothalamus
Which gland receives and stores Oxytocib and ADHPosterior Pituitary gland

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ADH is released in response toIncreased blood osmolarity or low blood pressure
Roles of Thyroid glandSetting basal metabolic rate, and Calcium Homeostasis
Thyroid releasesThyroxine(T4) and Triiodothyronine(T3), Calcitonin


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Two types of cells in Thyroid and their functionfollicular cells(->thyroid hormones) and C-cells(->calcitonin)
3 mechanism that Calcitonin use to reduce the plasma Ca level1)increase excretion by kidney 2) decrease absorption from the gut , 3) increase storage in bones.

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