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Question Answer
hypothalamusbody temperature, hunger, thirst, fear, rage
HGHhuman growth hormone, anterior pituitary, promotes growth
where is infidulum?sphenoid fossa
TSHthyroid-stimulating hormone, anterior pituitary, stimulates synthesis of thyroid hormones
FSHfollicle stimulating hormone, anterior pituitary, secretion of estrogen, sperm production
PRLprolactin, anterior pituitary, initiates mammary milk
ACTHadrenocorticotropic hormone, anterior pituitary, secretes glucocorticoids, tied to limbic system
OToxytocin, posterior pituitary, pre/post partum, uterus stretch
ADHantidiuretic hormone, posterior pituitary, decreases urine volume, controls bp, regulates water loss during sweating
melatoninpineal gland, biological clock
T3, T4thyroid, increases BMR, synthesis of proteins, accelerates growth, fluid balance
PTHparathyroid hormone, increases blood Ca and Mg
epinephrineadrenal gland, sympathetic ANS, fight or flight
norepinephrineadrenal gland, parasympathetic ANS, rest and digest
betapancreas, lowers glucose
alphapancreas, raise blood glucose
Fpancreas, inhibits secretin and digestive enzyme secretion
deltapancreas, inhibits insulin secretion
estrogenovaries, menstrual cycles, mammary gland preparation, female secondary sex characteristics
progesteroneovaries, menstrual cycles, prepares mammary glands for lactation, female secondary sex characteristics
inhibinovaries, testes, inhibits FSH, inhibits secondary sex characteristics
relaxinovaries and testes, increases pubic symphysis flexibility before birth
testosteroneovaries and testes, male secondary sex characteristics
gastrinGI tract, secretion gastric juice
GIPGI tract, glucose dependent insulinotropic peptide, releases insulin from pancreas
secretinGI tract, secretion pancreatic juice, bile
CCKchloecystokinin, GI tract, feeling of fullness
hCSplacenta, stimulates development mammary glands
hCGplacenta, stimulates estrogen and progesterone production to maintain pregnancy
reninkidneys, raises blood pressure
EPOerythropoeitin, kidney, increses red blood cell production
calcitriolkidney, calcium absorption
ANPatrial natriuretic peptide, heart, decreases blood pressure
leptinadipose, suppresses appetite

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Question Answer
pituitary dwarfismhyposecretion of pituitary
gigantismhypersecretion of pituitary
acromegalyhypersecretion of pituitary during lifespan when growth plates are already closed
SADpineal, depression from overproduction melatonin in winter
jet lagpineal
congenital hypothyroidismthyroid, hyposecretion at birth, mental retardation, stunted growth
myxedema hypothryoidismthyroid, hyposecretuin, edema, 5x more in females
gravesthyroid, hypersecretion, 7-10x more in females
exothalmusthyroid, edema behind eyes caused by graves
goiterenlarged thyroid gland
hypoparathyroidismparathyroid, hyposecretion of PTH, twitches, spasms, sustained muscle contraction
hyperparathyroidismparathyroid, hypersecretion of PTH, bones become soft and easy to fracture
congenital adrenal hyperplasiaadrenals, genetic, can't secrete cortisol
virilismmale features in a female, adrenals
cushingsadrenals, caused by tumor, breakdown of muscle protein, redistribution body fat, poor wound healing
addisonsadrenals, autoimmune, lethargy, anorexia, nausea, weight loss
pheochromocytomasadrenals, benign tumor, sustained fight or flight response
type 1 DMpancreas, beta cells stop producing insulin
type 2 DMnon insulin dependent, pancreas

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