Endocrine Vocab

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Hormoneschemical messengers. Secreted by cells and transported through the body in the blood
Target Cellsa given hormone affects only certain tissue cells or organs
Negative Feedback Mechanismsthe chief means of regulating blood levels of nearly all hormones
Humoralcaused by changing blood levels and nutrients
Exocrine Galndssecretes substances into a holding area. ex) sweat glands
endocrinesecretes substances directly into the blood ex) pituitary gland

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Tropic HormonesHormones released by anterior pituitary gland that stimulate other endocrine organs which release their hormones
releasing/inhibiting hormonesstimulates anterior pituitary to release its hormones. Released by hypothalamus. Regulated by itself
Endocrine systemdirects and coordinates the activity of cells. Does this through the release of hormones
Corpus LeteumHormone producing organ in pregnant women
steroid hormonesprocess by which hormones trigger changes in cells. Directly to the nucleus
Amino Acid Hormoneshormones made of proteins
2nd messangersproduced by non steroid hormones to cause changes in a cell
pancreatic Isletshormone producing cells of the Pancreas
Cortisonea hormone produced by the adrenal cortex.
prostaglandineshormones made of highly active lipids

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