Endocrine system

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ExocrineHormones out of the blood
EndocrineHormones into the blood
HypothalamusProduces oxytocin, vasopressin, and hormones that govern the pituitary gland.
PituitaryProduces many hormones, like FSH, LH, TSH, MSH, GH (growth hormone), ACTH, prolactin
ThyroidProduces T3 and T4.
Adrenal cortexProduces testosterone and estrogens.
ThymeStimulates T cell (white blood cells). ONLY TEENAGERS.
Adrenal glandDivides in adrenal cortex (exterior) and adrenal medula (interior).
CortexProduces cortisol and aldosterone.
Adrenal MedulaProduces adrenaline
PancreasExocrine: digestive enzymes. Endocrine: insulin and glucogen.
OvariesProduces progesterone and estrogens. What makes a girl a girl.
Testis Produces testosterone. What makes a man manly.

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OxytocinHormone produced by hypothalamus. Love and empathy. Examples: during orgasms, during birth because of contractions, causes amnesia about bad memories, causes heart to race...
VasopressinHormones produced by hypothalamus and by the pituitary, in the kidney by ADH. Antidiuretic, which means controlling when to produce pee.
FSHProduced by pituitary. In male, to produce more sperms. In females, to grow an egg.
ProlactinBreasts. Produced by pituitary to produce milk due to stimuli.
LHOvaries or testis. Ovulation (egg can be fertilized) and spermatogenesis (sperms can be free)
TSHThyroid cells absorb iodine to produce T3 and T4. They get to the blood and take care of organising metabolism. Too much, lots of energy. Not enough, no energy.
MSHSkin. Stimuli melanocytes to produce melanin.
GHMuscles and bones. Makes you grow during age of development, replaces cells when they die when you can't grow anymore.
ACTHAdrenal cortex. Cortex trophic hormone and Adrenocorticotrophic hormone.
CortisolLong-term stress. Administrate energy for survival. Regulates metabolism.
AdrenalineShort-term stress. Immediate survival. Makes you forget "irrelevant" stuff.
InsulinTells cells to take the sugars they need.

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