Endocrine System

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Question Answer
Endocrine glands areductless
Endocrine gland secretehormones into the bloodstream
Hormones act only ontarget cells
Exocrine glands secrete intoducts that lead to body surface
exocrine glads secreteexternally
Exocrine glands deliver products directly toa specific site
Paracrine secretions affectnearby cells
Autocrine secretions affectcells that secrete the substances
Endorcrine glands secret hormones intobodily fluids
Exocrine glands secrete substances intooutside environment
Nervous system releasesneurotransmitters into synapses
Endocrine system isprecise
Hormones areorganic compounds
Two types of hormonessteroid / non-steroid
Steroids akalipids
Non-steroids akaamino acides, proteins, peptides, glycoproteins
Stewards arelipids containing complex rings of carbon and hydrogen atoms
Examples of steroidssex hormones (testos, estros), and adrenal cortex hormones (cortisol, aldosterone)
All steroid hormones are produced fromcholesterol
Amines are derived fromtyrosine (epinep, norep)
Proteinslong chains of amino acids (growth hormone)
Peptidesshort chains of amino acids (oxytocin)
Carbs joined to proteinsTSH