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What is the key role of the endocrine systemRegulates a stable internal environment even when exposed to extreme external environment (changes in nutrient intake, water and mineral salts) = HOMEOSTASIS
What does the endocrine system maintainPhysiological variables - body water vol, mineral salt concentration in body fluids - maintained at constant levels
What is a regulated physiological variableMaintained at near constant levels i.e. blood glucose level, body temp, thryroid hormones in blood
What is a controlled physiological variableVaries according to circumstances to help maintain regulated variables at the optimum value - i.e. shivering
How does the CNS help to maintain constant regulated variablesDetectors - special neurons in the hypothalamus signal info about levels of regulated varibales to maintain constant regulated variables
What are blood glucose, blood thyroid hormone levels - constant or regulatedRegulated. They are help near constant levels
The rate of update of glucose from the blood by the liver, muscle and adipose tissue is a controlled or regulated varibale?Controlled. Maintain regulated variable of blood glucose levels

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Is drinking a controlled or regulated variable?controlled
Is Body-water volume controlled or regulated variableRegulated - as it must be maintained at near constant level
Is urine formation controlled or regulated variableControlled. It varies considerably according to body water vol.
What maintains the constancy of regulated variablesThe co-ordinated action of the NS and Endocrine systems
Name some processes that the endocrine system controlsDigestion, reproduction, development, growth, maturation
How is the near constancy of regulated varibale maintainedBy fluctations of controlled variables such as uptake of glucose from the blood by liver cells

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What facilitates the secretion of hormones into the bloodstreamA dense capillary network that ensures as many endocrine cells as poss are close to capillaries
What are fenestrations?Gaps in endothelial lining of the capillaries that facilitate the rapid transport of large hormone molecules from endocrine cells into the blood

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