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Gastrin G cells duodenum- stimulates gastric emptying
SecretinS cells from duodenum- neutralizes acid (by stimulating pancreatic and bile HCO3- secretion), inhibits gastric secretion and emptying
Achextrinsic preganglionic efferents, intrinsic (ENS) interneurons, Directly stimulates parietal cell to secrete acids, Mediates gastrin release, Stimulates pancreatic enzymatic secretion, Stimulates pepsinogen secretion
NOSource: intrinsic (ENS) interneurons; inhibitory neurotransmitter


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Peyer's patcheslamina propria small intestine
M cellsantigen presenting cells that encounter and present antigen to B and T cells
Motilinstimulates gastric & intestinal motility, major regulator of MMCs à Controls GI between meals. stimulated by neural stim. during fasting, FA & acids in duodenum (inhibited by meal ingestion)
Peptide YYfrom L cells, inhibition gastric emptying, pancreatic secretion, gastric acid, motility
Somatostatinpancreatic AND gi D cells, stimulated by acid. Inhibits secretion of gastrin, VIP, GIP, secretin and motilin
CCKI cells; pancreatic secretion (enzymes and HCO3 secretion), gallbladder contraction & sphincter of Oddi relaxation, gastric emptying inhibition
VIPStimulates electrolyte secretion, relaxation smooth muscles, dilation blood vessels, inhibits gastric acid secretion
GIPduodenal and jejunal K cells, inhibits gastric secretion and motility; stimulates insulin secretion; lowers glucose
GLP-1source isintestine (distal ileum&colon) L cells, pancreas (α cells), brain, inhibits gastric emptying, motility & enzymatic secretion, increases meal retention, relaxes proximal stomach
Stimulates insulin secretion (incretin); controls food intake
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GhrelinONLY SYNTH IN STOMACH BY O/X GASTRIC CELLS.Increases food intake, increases intestinal motility, stimulates GH secretion
5-hydroxytryptaminesource intrinsic interneurons à most from enterochromaffin cells; stimulates intestinal contraction; stimulates intestinal contraction