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Endocrine disorders

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Question Answer
Addison's diseaseprimary adrenal insufficiency, cannot produce enough cortisol (and/or aldosterone)
Cushing's syndromehormonal disorder of increased cortisol production
SIADHinappropriate secretion of ADH in the presence of normal or increased plasma volume

Section 2

Question Answer
Causes of Addison's diseaseautoimmune disorder, TB, pituitary, abrupt cessation of exogenous steroids
Causes of Cushing's syndromeprolonged large doses steroids, pituitary adenoma, adrenal adenoma, ectopic ACTH tumor
Causes of SIADHmalignancy, lung disease (PNA, empyema, ARDS), meningitis, SAH, CVA, meds

Section 3

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Subjective presentation Addison's slowly progressive, dizzy, N/V, muscle cramps, ab pain, weakness, weight loss
Subjective presentation Cushing'sweight gain, amenorrhea, wkness, depression, insomnia, bruising
Subjective presentation SIADHsubtle to start, irritable, restless, increase thirst, N/V, flu-like symptoms, weight changes

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Diagnostic findings of Addison'sDecreased Na, Increased K, decreased cortisol, increased ACTH
Diagnostic findings of Cushing's 24hr urine cortisol increased, elevated glucose, increased serum cortisol
Diagnostic findings of SIADHHyponatremia, increased urine sodium, increased spec gravity, decreased plasma osmolaity

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Objective presentation Addison'sill appearing, hyperpigmentation skin, acute symptoms severe abd pain, N/V, low BP
Objective presentation Cushing'scentral obesity, moon face, HTN, hirsutism, abd striae, ecchymosis
Objective presentation of SIADHweight increased, muscle weakness, mental status changes, seizure, coma