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Hormone disorders- Primary vs secondary vs tertiaryPrimary: abnormalitiy in the gland. Secondary: abnormality in stimulation from the pituitary. Tertiary: abnormality in stimulation from the hypothalamus.
What are the 8 major endocrine glands?Pituitary 2. Thyroid 3. Parathyroid 4. Adrenal 5. Pancreas 6. Thymus 7. Pineal 8. Gonads
6 major hormones produced by the anterior pituitary gland? GH 2. TSH 3. ACTH 4. FSH 5. LH 6. Prolactin
2 hormones released by the posterior pituitary gland?Oxytocin and ADH (antidiuretic hormone)
What hormones are produced and released by the thyroid?T3 T4 and Thyrocalcitonin
What is the purpose of T3 and T4? Maintain metabolism and regulate growth and development.
What does thyrocalcitonin do? Lowers blood calcium by inhibitin bone resorption
Where are the adrenal glands located?On top of the kidneys
What are the 2 endocrine tissues within the adrenal glands?Adrenal medulla and adrenal cortex
Name the 2 major hormones secreted by the adrenal medulla and their functions.2 Catecholamines. Epinephrine and norepinephrine. EPInephrine prepares the body for the fight or flight response by converting glycogen to glucose and increasing HR. Norepinephrine produces extensive vasoconstriction.
What stimulates the adrenal cortex?ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone from the anterior pituitary gland.
What does the ACTH stimulate the adrenal cortex to produce?Corticosteroids
Name the 3 types of corticosteroids1. Mineralocoritcoids: aldosterone 2. Glucocorticoids: cortisol 3. Adrenal sex hormones: androgens & estrogen
What does cortisol do and how?Helps the body manage stress. Increases blood glucose by stimulating gluconeogenesis, decrease inflammatory response, and decrease immune response.
What is the primary hormone responsible for long term sodium balance?aldosterone
Name the 4 types of cells in the pancreas and where are they located?Alpha, Beta, Delta, F cells. Located in the islets of Langerhans
What does each cell type in the pancrease secrete and what is the purpose?Alpha- Glucagon: increase glucose via gluconeogenesis. Beta- Insulin: regulate protein, fat, and carbohydrate metabolism. Delta- Somatostatin: inhibitory hormone, regulate Alpha and Beta. Fcells- Pancreatic polypeptide
Growth hormone and excess. Morbidity and mortality related to:Coronary artery disease and HTN
What is the pathophysiology of acromegaly?GH secreting tumor. 2. Increases bone density & width. 3. Proliferation of connective and soft tissues.
What are thy clinical manifestations of acromegaly?Enlarged hands and feet. 2. Protrusion of lower jaw. 3.enlarged heart 4. HTN 5. CHF 6. CAD
What are the clinical manifestations of gigantism?Excessive height 2. Glucose intolerance/DM
What is the patho for gigantism?Excessive GH secretions stimulate linear growth. 2. Increases the bulk of bones and joints. 3. Leads to enlargement of internal organs & metabolic abnormalities
Growth hormone excess. 2 Nursing dxAltered body image and parental anxiety
Growth hormone excess. Therapeutic mgmtRemoval of tumor 2. Destroying pituitary tissue 3. Hormone replacement if necessary
Growth hormone excess. Nursing mgmt1. Early mgmt 2. Evaluate other signs of possible tumor 3. Emotional support

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