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how many canals in max premolars90% of max 1st premolars have 2 canals
more maxillary 1st PMs have 2 canals than maxillary 2nd PMs. more mandibular 1st PMs have 2 canals than mandibular 2nd PMs.both statements are true
how many canals in max 1st molars70% of max 1st molars have 3 roots and 4 canals: MB, ML, DB, L
outline for access prep in mandibular molar with 4 canalsrectangular
what is the sequence corresponding to the following files: #10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45Purple White Yellow Red Blue Green Black
Green: apical foramen have what range of diameters?0.3 to 0.5mm
instruments used to locate canal orifices endo explorer
Burch & Helen: average distance from anatomic apex to most coronal part of apical foramen0.59
incomplete removal of bacteria, pulp debris, and dentinal shavings is commonly caused by failure to irrigate thorughly. another reason is failure to do what?obtain a straight line access
order of morphological zones of pulp from superficial to deepodontoblastic layer, cell-poor zone, cell-rich zone, pulp proper
tests used to diagnose periapical diseasepalpation, percussion, mobility, radiographs
vitality of a tooth is determined byvascularity
4 disadvantages of CaOHradiolucent, permeable to fluids, highly soluble in periapical tissues, has no adherence/flow/viscosity, difficult to insert into canal
4 contraindications of apexogenesispain to percussion, necrotic pulp, periapical disease, persistent hemorrhage