EMT Test 6 (part II)

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Question Answer
Simple pneumothoraxBlunt trauma
Sign of cardiac tamponadeBeck's triad
Beck's triadJVD, narrowing pulse pressure, muffled heart sounds
What may cause hypoventilation with cardiac tamponade?BVM
Flail Chest3 or more ribs fractured in 2 or more places OR sternum and multiple ribs are fractured
Traumatic asphyxia symptomsSclera hemorrage, JVD, cyanosis in face/neck
When does traumatic asphyxia occur?Sudden decompression of chest
Injury to heart in critical moment of heartbeat Commotio cordis
MesenteryConnects small intestine to posterior of abdominal wall
Kehr signInjury to spleen/liver (blood in abdomen), pain in left shoulder
Blumberg SignRebound tenderness
Cullen SignBruises around umblicus
Urinary meatusOpening of the urethra
Involuntary muscleSmooth muscle
Number of bones in body 206
Where do bones produce blood cells?Bone marrow
What does clavicle attach to?Sternum and acromion process
Wrist bonesCarpals
Hand bonesMetacarpals
Ankle bonesTarsals
Foot bonesMetatarsals
Heel boneCalcaneus
SubluxationIncomplete dislocation
Lubricates jointsSynovial fluid
Surrounding tissues of bone injuryZone of injury
Another name for a hairline fractureNondisplaced fracture
Greenstick fractureIncomplete fracture in children
Comminuted fractureMore than two fragments
Oblique fractureBroken at an angle
Transverse fractureStraight across break
False motionMotion of a limb at a point where there is no joint
When does compartment syndrome occur?6-12 hours
Small pelvic immobilizersPelvic binders
Supracondylar or intercondylar fractureFracture of distal humerus
Nightstick fractureIsolated fracture of the ulna
Colles fracturesFracture of distal radius
Thumb boneScaphoid
What is the most important nerve in the lower extremity?Sciatic nerve
Dirt collapses have a weight of how many pounds per cubic foot?100 lb/ft ^3
Adult sizing of ET tube7-8.5 mm
Where is the tube to teeth mark?22 cm
Cricoid pressure maneuverSellick maneuver
Airways that do not require visualization of vocal cords for placementMultilumen Airways
What patients should Multilumen Airways not be used on?Under 14 years, under 5'
2 Single Lumen AirwaysKing LT, LMA
King LTOne end seals esophagus, other seals oropharynx
How much oxygen per min with a CPAP?50 L/min
Microdrip60 gtt/mL
Macrodrip10-15 gtt/mL
Another name for saline locksBuff caps
Saline locksKeep an active IV site
Where to insert IO needles?Proximal tibia
PhlebitisInflammation of vein
How much venous air can healthy adults tolerate?200 mL
Electrical path through heartSA, 2 intermodal paths, AV, His, right and left bundle branches, Purkinje fibers
How long is each box for an ECG?1/25 of a sec
Ventricular tachycardiaThree or more irregular heartbeats
Ventricular fibrillationIrregular heartbeat
STEMIElevated ST segment
Sensorineural deafnessNerve damage
Conductive hearing lossPerforated eardrum or ear wax - faulty transmission
Cerebral palsyPoorly controlled body movement
HydrocephalusShunt necessary
Spina bifida goes hand and hand with (4 things)Hydrocephalus, lower paralysis, incontrol of bladder/bowels, latex allergy
Hyperesthesia Increased sensitivity
Obesity is what percent20-30% over ieal weight
Severely obese is how many pounds50-100 lb above
Apnea monitors used what age2 months - 2 years
Sign of a shuntFluid reservoir
Purpose of vagal nerve simulatorsPrevent seizures
Comfort carePalliative care
When do kids roll over?2-6 months
When do kids babble?6-12 months
When do kids understand cause and effect?18-24 months
When is toilet training mastered?Pre-school age
When do kids understand death?School-age
Respiratory rates30-60, 25-50, 20-30, 20-25, 15-20, 12-20
Pulse rates100-160, 90-150, 80-140, 70-120, 60-100
Bulging fontanellesIntracranial pressure
How long for PAT?15-30 sec
Car seat under what weight40 lb
Systolic blood pressure formula70 + (2 × child’s age in years)
CroupViral infection below level of vocal cords
Febrile seizures age6 months - 6years
Neisseria meningitidis Red spots
What temperature is abnormal?100.4
JumpSTARTUnder 100 lb or 8 yrs
Age group that has stranger anxietyToddlers
GEMSGeriatic, Environmental, Medication, Social
How does skin appear with pnuemonia?Dry
Orthostatic hypotension Drop in blood pressure by changing position
Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspneaDyspnea waking someone at night
Presbyopia Inability to see up close
Cause of presbyopia Lack of elasticity of crystalline lens
Presbycusis Gradual loss of hearing
Dyspepsia Indigestion
Hepatomegaly Enlarged liver
Geriatric patients older than65