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Vehicles that weigh between _____ and _____ pounds which are normally cars and small vehicles are Class _____ EVOC vehicles0; 10000; 1
Vehicles that weigh between _____ and _____ pounds which are normally ambulances and smaller fire apparatus are Class _____ EVOC vehicles10001; 26000; 2
Vehicles that weigh _____ pounds which are normally large fire appparatus and heavy rescue vehicles are Class _____ EVOC vehicles26000+; 3
Tractor drawn apparatus are Class _____ EVOC vehicles which are not weight specific4
Airecraft rescue and fire fighting vehicles are Class _____ EVOC vehicles which are not weight specific5
People without driver training experience are involved in _____ percent more accidents than those with driver training experience62
True emergencies make up _____ to _____ percent of the calls. While _____ percent of the calls show that haste in transportation was unnecessary1; 5; 95
_____ am the agency's best of worst public relatons agentI
What are 4 examples of good public relations?Safe driving, courtesy, clean vehicles, mainitainence of public information programs
What are 3 examples of bad public relations?Vehicle crashes, improper language/gestures, unkempt appearance
Driving to prevent accidents in spite of incorrect actions of others or adverse conditionsDefensive driving
Which foot is used for braking?Right
There are 3 acceptable hand positions. What are they and which is preferred?10-2, 8-4, Preferred: 9-3
What are the 4 key components to shuffle steering?Hands do not cross eachother, both hands in contact with wheel at all times, used for turns and counter steering, more comfortable with practice
When adjusting your mirrors there are three factors to consider. What are they?Completed prior to moving the vehicle, allow vision of side of the vehicle and as much of the lane as possible, use convex mirrors to get "big picture"
There are three things we should know in reference to blind spots. What are they?Know the location of a vehicle's blind spots, compensate by using others to assist, always use spotters while backing
Drivers must _____ use signals to assist others in knowing what their intentions are.legally
Vehicles equipped with anti-lock brakes (ABS) should not _____ the brakes and instead should apply _____ pressurepump; constant
Distance traveled while a driver realizes a need to stop (About 3/4 of a second)Reaction distance
Distance traveled while a vehicle actively stops (increases with vehicle size and speed)Braking distance
Reaction Distance + Braking Distance = ?Total stopping distance (RD+BD=SD)
The SMITH system is a form of _____ drivingdefensive
When following another emergency vehicle your siren should be (the same or different) than the vehicle in front of you.different
At 40 MPH your siren is effective up to _____ feet300
At 60 MPH your siren is effective up to _____ feet12
2 disadvantages of suren use on interstatesTraffic moves at speeds equal to/greater than safe response speed, vehicles stopping/slowing down can cause crashes and traffic jams
S.I.P.D.E. is a _____ step approach to _____ driving5; safe
S.I.P.D.E.: S stands for _____Sense/search
S.I.P.D.E.: I stands for _____Identify
S.I.P.D.E.: P stands for _____Predict
S.I.P.D.E.: D stands for _____Decide
S.I.P.D.E.: E stands for _____Execute
Transportation is made up of 3 partsThe vehicle, the driver, the environment
Behavior patterns that are developed through repitition usually over at least 21 days are called _____personal habits
_____ to _____ of all incomingdata is obtained through vision90; 95
This part of the eyes is responsible for day visioncones
this part of the eyes is responsible for night visionrods
The time needed for your eyes to adjust after being exposed to a bright light (approx 10 secs)Glare recovery
The ability to judge the distance of objectsDepth perception
Gives us information on objects moving into our focal vision, helps perceive sensations such as speedPeripheral vision
The tendency of the eyes, especially when fatigued or under drug influence, to be attracted to light (moth effect)Phototropism
Tendency to fixate on a small area (effect increases with vehicle speed)Tunnel vision
A 10° angle from each ear, extending in a cone shape, in which you are unable to determine the direction of a soundZone of confusion
When sound is received by both ears at the same time with the same intensity and you are unable to locate the originMedian plane of sound
Stopping distance increases _____ to _____ times on snow and ice3; 15
_____ traction is 100% efficientStatic
_____ traction is 40-50% efficientRolling
_____ traction is 0% efficient Sliding
A body at rest will remain at rest until acted on by an outside force. A body in motion will remain in motion in a straight line and constant speed.Inertia
Distance traveled in a specified amount of timeVelocity
Pull of the earth that gives objects weightGravity
Force that keeps objects moving in a straight line. An object pivoting in an arc will typically depart in a straight lineCentrifugal force
Force that pushes a body into a curved path, out of normal inertiaCentripetal force
Energy of motion, as speed increases so does the _____. Must be dissipated before an object comes to a complete stop.Kinetic energy
Force with which two objects collideForce of impact
Any action which violates standard of careNegligence
What are the three necessary elements to prove negligence?Duty to act, breach of duty, injury or loss
In order to be exempt from traffic codes the vehicle operator must operate with _____, which requires the operator to operate the vehicle in a manner that ensures the safety of other people and propertydue regard
Title _____ contains certain motor vehicle laws which pertain specifically to emergency vehicle operation46.2
46.2-829 requires the public to give _____ the right of wayemergency vehicles with sirens
46.2-844 makes it illegal for all vehicles to _____ stopped school buses that are loading or unloadingpass
46.2-848 requires _____ when backing, stopping, or turningsignals
46.2-920 allows us to _____ speed limits while having due regarddisregard
46.2-920 allows us to _____ past any steady or flashing red signal while having due regard is the speed of the vehicle is sufficiently reduced to enable it to pass. The safest practice is to come to a _____ stop at all intersectionsproceed; complete
46.2-920 allows us to _____ or _____ notwithstanding the other provisions in this chapterpark; stop
46.2-920 allows us to _____ regulations governing a direction of movement of vehicle turning in a specified direction while having due regarddisregard
46.2-920 allows us to _____ or _____ with due regard to the safety of persons and property, another vehicle at any intersection as long as we use due regardpass; overtake